Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Standing on Sacred Ground

"There's just too much view to capture when we stand on sacred ground." I love this song by David Wilcox (see quote top right). We all experience the sacred. It's the joy no one else sees when we are laughing or dancing together in our living room. It's a conversation we have with someone we love. It's the sublime recognition that we are indeed part of something divine and bigger than ourselves. It's the quiet moment of revelation that lightens a dark corner in our soul. While "words cannot contain it our hearts are filled up to the sky." These moments can happen many places with many people. They are invaluable, inestimable and we - are inadequate in capturing them. Yet we want to! So this blog is my attempt to try. I am writing for Doug, Eliza, Alexandra and Samantha, and for you - our friends and family who have shaped us. Because "I'm fool enough to try" as Wilcox puts it. Even though there really is "no telling where we've been."

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