Friday, November 7, 2008

"Love People, Not Things"

"Use things, not people. Love people, not things." I've had this maxim running around in my head for a week now. I used to keep it on a 3X5 card in my scriptures during my mission in Nauvoo.

During a cerebral self-examination of why I am having such a hard time leaving Virginia, I came to this not-so-staggering conclusion. It's simple. I am most sad to leave the people we love.

So here are some pictures recently taken of a few of those special people we love. Lisa (Eliza's Nursery leader) Lori (favorite babysitter!) Auntie Pat (in Eliza's favorite playroom), Mickey (thank you for lunch Mickey and the sweet gifts for the girls!), Eliza's friends Ben (at Cox Farms), Caroline (dress-ups on) Glori Sue, and "Miss Soozi" (our outing to the park was great fun Soozi! Thank you! That evening Eliza devoured an entire bowl of raspberries from your farm. Yum!)

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