Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Westward Ho!

OK y'all. The word is out. We're heading west! Doug said yes to an offer in the Salt Lake Office and we will leave our Virginia home end of November (right after Thanksgiving). Some of you know what a tough decision this was for us. We mulled, discussed, debated, explored, flip-flopped, waffled, wondered, worried (we sound like politicians). But in the end, we felt the most light and energy down a path that will bring us closer to family for a while. We love Virginia and most of all, we love and adore the tremendous people we have met here, the priceless friendships, the countless kindnesses offered to our family. I don't know what Eliza will do when she asks to go to "Auntie Pat's" and I'll have to tell her it is a plane ride away - or when she wants to have Ben and Maddie over, or Glori or Abby or any of her "best friends" from Church. Our church family has helped me raise our girls these past three years. Between feedings, doctors appointments, meals, baby-sitting, and socializing - they have stepped in when Doug's work demands were heavy and all our family were miles away. It's a wonderful thing to know wherever you go in the world you will have a "Mormon" family waiting to embrace you.

I will post an update on my Mom's health and treatment plan when I get a few more details from my Dad (and they meet again with the Neurosurgeon and Neuro-oncologist.) But after talking with her last night, I felt confirmed in our decision that we are making the right choice to move our family to Salt Lake. I want very much for my girls to know her and learn from her courageous example, her quiet selfless ways, her sense of humor, and her faith. We're coming Mom! And we'll be there for you, flanking you on every side as you fight this thing with hope! "We will not doubt. We will not fear!" We can trust in God's promises. How we love you!

So that's our news. Below are some pics of the girls. Eliza caught with my "plum brandy" lipstick. Sami (aka "Curls") with a post-nap hair-do. And Ali saying "cheese" for the camera.

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