Saturday, November 22, 2008

"I Miss My Cousins"

A few weeks ago two of Doug's nephews came to visit us and take in the DC sights. Andrew (17), Brock (15), and their friend Darren. We loved having them. Eliza especially soaked up the attention, outings, and late night visiting. Since their departure she has said to me on a daily basis (actually several times daily), "Mommy - I miss my cousins." I keep telling her we will be seeing them soon. But this has not yet pacificed her pining. Nice to know you are missed boys!
Below are some pictures of their stay.

Darren, Eliza and Andrew in front of the Washington DC Temple

At the Vietnam Memorial with Andrew and Brock. Note the name of Doug's uncle who was killed in the war on the wall above. They visited the Wall on Veteran's Day and were quite moved by a National Parks guide who was giving a presentation about the Memorial.

Brock and Eliza on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.

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