Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank you Mickey

We wanted to thank our sweet and dear friend, Mickey - for these darling ponchos she knitted for the twins.  She made them when Ali and Sami were born, but I put them on the girls for the first time Christmas Day.  The girls loved them!   Aren't they fun?  The buttons and fringe and color variations - made of the silkiest softest yarn.  Each one looks similar but different (just like our twins). 

I'm including a cropped photo of Samantha in hers so you can see the detail. Just think of the time a project like this must have taken!  For one who has no idea how to knit or crochet (only cross-stitch with a magnified pattern), a task like this seems impossible!  My family oohed and aahed over your work Mickey (these are two of several "Mickey Originals" we own).  We love the ponchos!  And we love you!  You remain in our prayers each day. We miss you!!

A memorable visit with Mickey before we left Fairfax.

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