Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy 2nd Ali and Sami!

The girls turned two the week of Valentine's Day. Doug came home with a famous Backer's Bakery Cake (family tradition at his home) and we had cake and ice cream on their special day. See below. Beautiful flowers... Ali talked about her "cake" all day long. And when Doug opened the box, he sniffed long with nostalgia - "Even the smell takes me back to birthdays as a kid" he said.

On Saturday, Valentine's Day, we had a family party for the girls. They had a grand time. Presents, lunch, cake (mine was a shabby comparison to Backer's but everyone ate it anyhow - thanks all!) This was the first time we've had so much family around for a Birthday celebration and the girls were loving all the action!

"Cheese!" (Samantha)

Alexandra - enamored with cake #2 - left corner of photo. She's our carb girl!

A Birthday Kiss from Eliza

Sami received a kiss AND Eliza's Brithday serenade (see video at bottom of post).

Eliza had a difficult time watching Ali and Sami get all the attention while they opened their presents. We did have gifts for Eliza too - but we asked her to wait until the twins were finished. Can you see the silent dejection and longing in her eyes?? She sat there with a twinge of sadness on her face, but with commendable patience. When it was finally her turn to open some gifts, her eyes brightened and the corners of her mouth turned up, lips still pursed. Watching her attempt at subdued joy was priceless. She was sweet to the girls and we had to hand it to her for managing the "lack of attention" with some maturity.

"My Little Ponies" from Grandma Nae and Poppa Jim

Jewelry and Bracelets from Aunt Deb

Puzzles from Auntie Pat

Furberries from Mom and Dad

Sami kissing her Furberry. Click here if you don't know what a Furberry is.

Picnic Lunch

Aerial View
Mom's Cake for Ali and Sami

And finally the piece de resistance - Eliza's serenade - video taken before everyone arrived. Note the picture of the twins on the table to Sami's left (taken in the NICU when they were born). How grateful we were to celebrate their health and love! Nothing beats their unsolicited hugs, growing vocabulary, and spontaneous delight for life! Per Eliza's song - a belated Happy Valentine's Day to you all! (Remember to pause the song playlist before watching video.)



  1. Happy Birth day Ali and Sami!! I loved the pictures!
    And you see Katherine! I've always known that you glow love out of your pores! and now on the family photo you can see it coming out of your head! good camera work that caught that on site! I've always seen that from you! it's nice to finally have it on photo! ;)

  2. How wonderful! I'm glad the twins had a nice birthday. I think both cakes look great.

  3. Yep, we get those fabulous Backer's cakes for every birthday! It's a fun tradition. Happy Birthday girls!

  4. What a great party! We are so sad to miss get-togethers like these, but are glad that you and your family are finally able to enjoy them.

    HBD to all!


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