Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two New Cousins!

We've been anticipating the arrival of two new cousins to my side of the family in March.  Both boys.  With the addition of our twin boys this summer - my family will sport an equal number of boy and girl grandchildren - making the grand total 10!  Wow Mom and Dad!  Good times!  

So here they are!  This is Ethen Peter Keddington - born to my brother Dave and his wife Shirlee March 10th.  They are currently living in Geneva, Switzerland.  All hail to Shirlee for giving birth natural (not by choice she might add).   When it was "too late" for an epidural she described it this way, "Alright ring of fire - here I come!"  We think she's one tough lady!

Doug and I talked with Dave and Shir last week via webcam and got a blurry look at Ethen all swaddled up - what a cutie!  We also had a lovely webcam tour of Dave and Shirlee's french chalet and said goodnight to Ethen's big sister, Maya, who was already in bed trying to go to sleep!  (Sorry Maya!)  Congratulations Dave and Shirlee!  We love you and we're so glad Ethen is here!

(Shirlee creates these fantastic scrapbook pages for her blog.  She's ultra-talented and on top of things!  Yes her baby was born less than 2 weeks ago!  I wish she was for hire!)

And this is Gus Rex Parkinson - born to my sister Rebecca and her husband Neil on March 18th.  I believe this is the name consensus (if big brother Ty has had any say in the matter).  Below is Becca looking beautiful after labor (4:30 AM).

Here is "Gus"!

And this picture of Neil and his two sons is so sweet.  Tyler loving on little brother Gus.  Congrats Bec and Neil!  And welcome to the family boys!  Our two little buddies are on their way.  We'll be fleshing out that basketball team soon enough!


  1. Wow, babies all around! I'm glad everyone is doing well.

    I hope that you're feeling good and that tax season hasn't been too bad for Doug so far. ;-)

  2. I had heard through someone that you were having twins....and indeed you are. :-) Ah-yes, I'm so happy for you,..and boys too!! Could it get any better? Hurry, quick,..go take a nap while you still can. :-) Love and hugs to all of you.


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