Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrating Easter (and Tax Day!)

It's April 15th - Tax Day! For some a dreaded calendar date, but for us? We're a family reunited! And we're leaving for sunny southern Utah in just a couple hours - Doug as chauffeur, husband, Dad, and the next best thing to Disneyland rides. The anticipation is killing the girls. And I'm just a bit anxious too!

It's snowing once again here in Salt Lake. But! We had a gorgeous Easter Sunday inbetween rainstorms and Christmas-like flurries. 65 degrees, rich in sunshine, and Doug was all ours for the day. Church services were lovely and afterwards we went to my parents' home for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.

On Thursday, Eliza and I colored Easter eggs.

Only two humpty-dumpty casualties and a rainbow of color to show for our little project.

Easter morning we hid the girls' Easter baskets. It was fun to follow them around the house playing "hot" and "cold" until they discovered their stash of goodies in the closet, bathtub, and behind the couch. "Mine! Mine!" was a little too common in the vocab that morning, but we had a great time. Note to self: less candy, and no bird whistles. The whistles went in the garbage can 24 hours later - far too high-pitched for my sanity.

But the girls did love their bunny ears.

Although the onslaught of sugar was an unusual occurrence for the twins, they caught on quickly.   "There's candy in ALL of these? And you're going to let me keep opening them?"

Eliza in her Easter dress.

Mom and Sam.

Sami playing in the grass.

Ali's curls and red-lipped smile.

Mommy and Eliza. Notice the "babies" in Eliza's tummy (blocks and a toy bunny are the source of the real bulge). I am 25 weeks along here. (We're hoping for 36. I keep whispering to the boys - "Don't you even think about coming out anytime soon. We have way too much to do before you come!")

Easter egg hunt at the Keddingtons. All the cousins except Maya, Ethen and Gus. L to R. Lizzie, Eliza, Sami, Ali, and Ty. Sami walked around shaking all the eggs she picked up. If she heard a rattle (indication - candy present) she put it in her basket. If not, it went back to its hiding place. Logical tactic.

Samantha and Alexandra.

Hummingbird Cake for Easter Dinner (thanks again for the recipe Pat - it's always a hit!)

It's 4PM and only an hour or to go. St. George - here we come!


  1. I love the pictures of your girls on Easter morning with their baskets! And I love the one of you with your "side belly" cute! I hope you guys have a fun, relaxing, rejuvenating time!! Love you.

  2. I found you! I had heard through the Seeleys that you had a blog, and you have been found. I hope that you do not mind.

    Your daughters are more than gorgeous. Their hair is beautiful, and you even have a Jackie Kennedy look-a-like. And, oh what joy, that you are pregnant with twin boys. I pray that all goes well with your pregnancy.

    I love your writing. I always thought that you wrote with such positiveness and spirit. It is wonderful to read about how really good people think and live.

    Happy Easter, and have fun in Southern Utah.

  3. Great pictures! We're so sad to miss holidays like these. Maya was the lone hunter on her egg hunt. She needed a little competition!

    Miss you guys.

    Cute dresses too. I couldn't find an Easter dress that I liked for Maya, so she didn't get one this year. Bummer.

  4. Looks like it was a great day! I hope you guys are relaxing and loving St. George.

    Did your family hide the easter baskets when you were little? Mine didn't, but Steve just LOVES to hide the whole basket for the kids, so I'm wondering if it's an Arveseth thing or if my family was the one that did it different...

  5. Cath, you look so cute. I hope that are feeling well. Your daughters look very cute in their easter dresses.


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