Friday, May 29, 2009


"Maytime" is almost over. Spring sprang. Finally! And it has been one glorious month! As for the pregnancy status - I marked 32 weeks today. (Ali and Sami were born @ 32 weeks.) So we are officially entering the "window of vigilance." A non-stress test yesterday showed the boys doing very well, no contractions, and my blood pressure still in the normal range (although it has been creeping up slowly). So we're on the watch but hoping to endure ONE MORE month of twin incubation with a planned c-section around 36 weeks. How I will get ANY bigger I do not know! But every day I check off the calendar feels likes a triumph. Some days are more manageable than others. My doc says he tells twin Moms at this point to pretend they have the flu - slow down, take it easy, and don't say yes to anything extra. Slow down? Harder than I thought... 

But here's a look at some of our "MAYTIME" activities. 

I love May in Salt Lake. It's the one warm month that the brain doesn't compute you are actually living in a desert. The mountains are snow-crested and lusciously green, flowers begin to bloom, sprinklers turn on, and the rivers in the canyons run fierce and strong. We plant impatiens and zinnias while potato bugs surface, bumble bees hum, and quail congregate in our front yard. The girls are outside every day lifting rocks, picking blossoms, finding empty walnut shells for fairy beds, drawing with chalk, making blankets in the grass for their dollies, and begging to put on their swimsuits. We've been having a grand time.

Eliza and her cousin Lizzie pictured above - at the park.

Eliza off on one of her many "adventures." This particular morning she was off to visit Glori Sue in Ethiopia.

After too many adventures, however, I sometimes find her crashed out in the plush Dora chair. Seriously - I left her just minutes ago!

One day we discovered some old Valentine candy I had stashed away. Eliza thought the green candy dip stix was most entertaining. 

CINCO DE MAYO! On May 5th we had play group @ our house. We made maracas, did the Mexican hat dance, then cooked quesadillas and concocted a strawberry bananna pineapple drink complete with little umbrellas. It was a hit! And I proudly wore my red Mexican muumuu. No waistband - true comfort.

May also took us on an outing to Hogle Zoo with Grandma Ronda. Giraffes and zebras were the main attraction. 

Mom and Ali on the carousel.

Eliza riding her favorite animal - ZEBRA!!

May was warm enough to haul out the sprinkler and the girls spent quite a few afternoons giggling and running through the cold WATER. Ali surprised us with absolutely no inhibition when it came to water in the face and trips over the sprinkler. She LOVED it!

Two little bugs all wrapped up after water play.

May brought out our PEONIES, snowball blossoms, and lilacs in full bloom! We have several bushes of peonies that crop up in our back and side yard. They are beautiful! I loved putting them in vases and seeing the bright color out our windows.


We planted our annuals.

Put in a children's bench - where the girls love to eat their popsicles!

And began mowing the lawn. Casualty No. 1? 

HORSIE. Decapitated by lawnmower. Eliza was so sad. The visual IS a bit shocking isn't it? But I guess that's what happens when you forget to bring in all your toys from outside!

And finally - May brought out the ICE CREAM. Wait. Doug makes sure ice cream is a year-round staple at our house. Okay. But we did add the sugar cone option this month. Remnants on Sami's face are proof. Chocolate. Yum. 

Next post? Our final May hurrah. Eliza's 4th Birthday. 


  1. What an exciting May! I'm jealous that I have to spend 8 hours daily in an office with barely any sunshine. Bet your girls loved it all!

  2. Priceless! The girls really do look like they have been having fun and Salt Lake looks wonderful in May. ;-)

    Yay 32 weeks! You're doing so great. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers your way regularly.

  3. I love the catch up Cath. Looks like your house is so much fun! The Cinco de Mayo party sounds great!!

  4. I love all those pictures! Fun May!


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