Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Marmosets

Are you ready for a laugh? I received this email from my friend Ashley this week. Caroline is her daughter - same age as Eliza. Luke is her older brother.

Catherine - I just had to write and tell you a funny story. We sent you a little care package, hopefully you received it by now. Caroline was my assistant in getting it together.

So, she says, "Who are these presents for?

I reply, "The Arveseths."

Caroline: "The Marmosets?"

Me: "No honey, the ARVESETHS"

Caroline: "Are we going to the Marmosets house to give these to them?"

Me: "Honey, the ARVESETHS. Remember they moved to Utah so we'll have to take it to the post office and mail it to them. Remember Eliza, Sami, and Ali? They had two new baby brothers, Spencer and Gordon."

Caroline: "Spencer? I love that name. I want to be a Spencer and I'll be Luke's twin."

Me: "It doesn't quite work that way. Let's go mail this."

Caroline: "We're going to mail this to the Marmosets.....?"

My first thought was she has been watching too much "Go, Diego, Go." My second thought w
as, What is a marmoset exactly? So, I googled it and found out marmosets are tiny little monkeys. In a strange and funny way, I thought it was kind of funny she called you the marmosets. It's like 5 little monkeys!!

So here we have Spencer (Marmoset #4)

Gordon (Marmoset #5)

And the three girl Marmosets - Ali, Eliza and Sami.

Caroline - your interpretation of our surname is spot on. 5 monkeys indeed! Ashley - thanks for the thoughtful package. We enjoyed opening all your gifts. We miss you, your ballroom dance floor, lunches, and play dates. Our love to all the Nortons - especially Caroline and her twin Luke!


  1. haha! won't be long until you may find 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed! :)

  2. That is just fantastic! I love the things that children come up with.

    As always we are thinking of you guys!

  3. Kathleen - love your blog! Keep posting... Are you getting busy again in anticipation of 9/15? We're losing Doug in the evenings already... Hope you're doing well!

  4. I probably never told you, but maybe you heard it yourself...Maddie has always called you guys the Marmosets. :) This post makes me smile.


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