Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Eye" Scream

It's no secret. I LOVE Halloween! So check this out!

Back by popular demand. A favorite dessert brewed at one of the Washington DC area's best restaurants during the month of October.

Cleverly named "Eye" Scream!

Pastry chef Anthony Chavez at 2941 (fabulous fine-dining just inside the Beltway of Northern Virginia) has created this Halloween masterpiece. Doug and I ate there once. Beautiful location. Great food.

So what's this blood-shot confection made of?

Vairhona white chocolate, pistachio mousse and raspberry-lychee coulis, served on a bed of dry ice to resemble a pair of smoking eyeballs.


Wow. Edible eyeballs. Yours for the lovely price of $15.00.

How does Chef Chavez make it?

I have NO idea! But that is one whimsically spooky dessert!

Takers anyone? I'm in.

Then last week my girls had a "BIG FAT HISSEE FIT!" The edible kind. (Leave it to Poppa Bob to corrupt my kids.)


Life-size gummy snakes.


It was a little weird using "snake" as incentive, but I found myself saying this several times over dinner:

"Okay...If you eat your chicken noodle soup, you can have some snake!"

It worked. They liked snake. Cherry-flavored.

So the girls are counting the days. (They keep asking if tomorrow is Halloween.)


Pumpkins are on the front porch. Costumes chosen (Thanks to Auntie Pat!). And I've already eaten an ENTIRE bag of Halloween candy (minus the Baby Ruths). Purchased for trick-or-treaters, of course. Must be all the crying I've been listening to. It makes me go to the pantry like a zombie searching for sugar!

Can anyone relate?

The boys are in the swings as I type because I don't think my heart (or nerves) can stand one more cry. Eliza's home from pre-school with some kind of respiratory-flu-cough thing. Ugh. And Sami just fell out of her crib. Again.

May your bags of candy last longer than mine.


  1. I first, have to say, I love your writing! I found your address as I was checking my referrers section of my blog stats page. I mentioned your blog to my sister-in-law the other day, because she has twins I thought she could relate. She quickly recognized the description I was giving and says she knows you! So if you remember Eric and Katie Morgan, I'm their sister-in-law.
    Small World!

    ps- I completely relate to the crying induced sugar splurge!

  2. Amanda! Thanks for commenting! Glad to be connected. I LOVE your blog! You have such fantastic ideas. I only wish I had time to implement them all. How do you do it?? So which Morgan are you married to? Eric and Katie are the best of the best. And yes - members of the "twins" club.

    Thanks for making me feel better. Nice to know I'm not the only mother out there with emotional eating tendencies!

  3. Catherine-

    Thanks so much for your encouragement! I answered your book question on my blog as well, but thought I'd catch you here since that will probably get to you faster. I do have a few favorite fall/Halloween books I listed back at this post:
    The book list is toward the bottom. I’ve only linked an activity for Leaf Man so far, but hope to get several of the others posted this weekend. You’ve given me new resolve!

    I'm married to Steve, the oldest of the fabulous Morgan clan. And, speaking of Morgans, Katie's the one who mentions as one of her favorite mothering tips, keeping ice cream in the freezer as a sanity saver by the spoonful. Mandy

  4. Candy only lasts for Halloween if I buy it about an hour before the first trick-or-treaters. At least, that's how it works at my house. Or if I buy something with coconut in it, it will last. Only cuz I hate the coconut. (the texture, not the food).

  5. Mandy - thanks for the book ideas. I DID see that post but could only remember the Leaf Man. Thanks. I'm going to make a run to the library for most of those. And too funny about Katie and her ice cream reserve. I actually had to stop buying it a couple weeks ago when I realized I was averaging two sugar cones a night heaped with my favorite - double fudge brownie! insane!

    Brod - Does Anyone like Almond Joy (or Baby Ruth for that matter)? I'm with you. Those two choco goodies sit untouched - even at our house! Good idea. I really shouldn't buy until the day before!

  6. I still have my candy fixerupppers. It never ends even when the crying does. Like you I love Halloween. Mostly because I don't dust the whole month to make it look spooky. We sure miss you here in Virginia. Hi to everyone.
    I often think of your Mom - how is she doing? We are going to be there the 1st weekend in November are you going to be around?

  7. Cindy - So you mean I'll still have zero will power after the babies are grown!? You're probably right.

    We'll definitely be around first of November. Email me or call us when you're in town. We wouldn't want to miss you!

  8. Crying induced sugar splurges - I like that. I'm just addicted to chocolate - crying or not.

    Time to get the girls into big beds - I hate the falling out of their crib thing - at least they aren't 15 months old like Ty was - we advanced to the toddler bed early.

    Happy Halloween - may the force be with you.

  9. Chewy! Since when did that become your blogger name? Thanks for the Force mantra. We need it. And you're probably right - we should move those girls to big beds. But I can't decide what's worse? Holding them when they fall out once or putting them back in their beds 20 times a night (with two little guys who still need a late night feeding?) Hmmm...


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