Friday, October 2, 2009

Mom News

Great News! My Mom went for her regular MRI yesterday. Findings showed the tumor is still static. No growth. So her Oncologist gave her the green light to take a hiatus from chemotherapy for three months! Three months!

Come December they will re-image and re-evaluate.

This is a much-welcomed break. We're thrilled she is doing so well. I took this picture today. Doesn't she look great?

Ten years ago I wrote this poem for my Mom. It was late Summer. Just a few years after her first battle with brain cancer. She found it some time before I had the boys and we read it together. Again.

The words seem appropriate today with tomatoes coming off the vine, heavy and abundant. The harvest world on fire.

Thanks for teaching us to believe Mom. Still rooting for you! We love you!

On Believing

"Be not afraid. Only Believe." - Mark 5:36

She is a backyard gardener
of crowded tomatoes
and fire orange lilies.
She imbibes peace
by cultivating a leafy place
of earth she calls home.

Years ago,
I looked over a holy city
and worried for her life.
She said
do not fear,
only believe.

So I listened
for the calling of her name,
the release of her breath.

But she dug another furrow
that reddened with fire and tomatoes.

Miracle years pass
and my angel mother
with corn-silk hair
continues to work the ground,
remembering Jairus and his daughter.

Her own seeds grow and blossom.
Winds carry them to new soil
where she watches them
fight the wayward weeds with
infant faith and sputtering light.

She wants to shout
as they move through the layered soil,
untangling, freeing them as they go.
But she quiets her mouth,
gloves her hands and
bends upon the earth.

With a precious faith
burned into her heart,
she kneels. Stays.
Long enough to feel
the sun at her back.

They will not forget.
I taught them to believe.


  1. geez catherine. i have been thinking about that poem for days. your ways with words is truly divine, and it makes me jealous! what a talent you have. what amazing talent.

    and what great news about your mom! she lis lucky to have a daughter like you.

  2. Wow, I've been so "busy" lately that I just did some catching up this morning. I just read through the last four posts.

    I have to let you know that you inspire me in so many ways. You are wise, kind, brave and just a beautiful person. I see from todays post what a beautiful example your mother is.

    My prayers are with you and your beautiful family.

  3. Cath- that is wonderful news! I am so excited she will get this break. As for the poem, gorgeous as usual.

    love you and your family!

  4. Kathleen - we love hearing from you! That word "busy" sure is loaded isn't it? Only another week or so and the 15th is a thing of the past! Hang in there! Thanks for your prayers. You are the beautiful person. Love your blog and your sweet family.

    Corinne- when are we going to see you guys? Let's get a date on the calendar!

    Brodi - Thanks for being sister in arms when it comes to the cancer thing. I gain a lot of strength from you and your family.

  5. i love this poem. the imagery is lovely as well as the photo of mom and the boys. she is indeed the picture of faith. love you cath. xox


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