Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dinner Flop

'Twas the day after Christmas when all through the house
Every creature was famished. Even the mouse.


Mamma in her apron and Dad still un-showered
Had played with the kiddos for hours and hours.

Tanked up on sugar plums now in their tummies
the children were needing some... healthy yummies

No more eating out! No more chocolate or candy
Mom would fix dinner! 'Twould be a dandy!

I'll try a new recipe (she thought in a flash),
Threw open the cupboard for salt - just a dash

Chicken Pot Pie - that's what she would make!
Darci's recipe - hands down - it takes the cake!

She spoke not a word, but went straight to her work
Got out the pie tins then turned with a jerk

While boiling the chicken, she chopped onions for sauce
Added the veggies and stirred up the pot...

We'll invite Gramma and Poppa - let's call them right now!
Dinner at 6? They would be there. And how!

Gramma loves this pot pie. It's the best. No comparing.
So the last minute details Mamma was preparing

When "beep, beep, beep" the oven chimed "done"
Arms all a-mittened she reached in with one

Hand and whilst sliding the pan out the oven
Suddenly - Fllllllllop! "Ugh!" she said. "For the lovin'!"

The pies were 'oer turned. Complete annihilation.
A mess, a disaster, dinner devastation.


"Oh no!" cried the little ones (who heard and came running)
Their jaws gaped right open while Mother stood laughing.

They moaned, "Will we eat it from there? That's NO fun!"
Mom laughed even harder. "No it's not. What a bum......mer."

Gramma and Poppa soon joined in the laugh.
Take out for dinner? Yep. Mom is so daft.


So Dad grabbed his keys and sprang to his sleigh
Headed for Shivers. Burgers on the way.

And we heard him exclaim, 'ere he drove out of sight -
"Merry Christmas to all! ...Was that Root Beer or Sprite?"



    fun rhyme captured with great photos!

    thanks for sharing cath...nice you could laugh about a kitchen disaster. xox

  2. I have to apologize, I couldn't help laughing! Especially at the part about the kids asking if they had to eat is off of the oven door-so funny! Sorry your dinner was ruined though, the remains sure look tasty. You're a good sport to just laugh at the situation, I guess that's really all you can do.

  3. Seriously, that is NOT fair. All that hard work and yummy smells deserve a rich reward. I feel for you and the family. It seems like every time I try to bake bread it never turns out right. The house smells so good, and nothing to show for it! But this is even worse.

  4. Michelle - I can't imagine anything you and Dave making turning into a disaster. If you're bread's not working out, it must be England, the weather, you know... something else! But definitely not you! :) Seriously, it is depressing - all that hard work!

  5. And Hillary - no apologizing necessary! Good thing Doug was around to stoke the laughing. What else can you do, but laugh??

  6. Love this little rhyme and the pictures are great!

    I sent you an e-mail yesterday and haven't heard back - I'm worried it may have gone to your spam.

    Would love to work out a time this week!

  7. Oh My!
    Way to take it in stride and then write a clever poem about it (loved).

    They looked beautiful, even upside down and all squished :)

  8. Had this happened at our house, sadly, I would NOT have been able to laugh:( I have a lot to learn in the lightening up department. You're a great sport!

  9. Oh Cris! There really was nothing left to do but laugh. It was so ridiculously destroyed - and so quickly. You would have laughed too. And for the record - I think you're an incredibly good sport! You're raising three boys (or was that four? :) - gotta be a good sport!) Love you!

  10. I've totally done that before! You guys are better sports than I. Ha ha!


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