Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just so Tired

Sunday morning Spencer missed his nap. He cried a bit. I tried to let him work it out. But no success. So I held him. Rocked him. Walked with him.

It was one of those rogue days when nothing worked. And usually he's such a good sleeper.

By noon I had both boys up and fed and they were playing in the exercise saucers. Spencer was happy as could be, despite his insomnia. Laughing, kicking, bouncing up and down. So I went into the kitchen to wash some dishes. I was only gone a few minutes.

While pausing mid-pan-wash to check on them, I gasped.

And then I laughed. Spencer was sound asleep in the exercise saucer. Head completely vertical. Not a degree of slumping to the side. Snoozing in the very position I left him.

He was just so tired...

Because he looked like he'd been zapped by extra-terrestrials or sprinkled with fairy dust, I poked him to make sure he was still breathing. Then I grabbed the camera.

Watch how he tries to interact with me but can't keep his eyes open. So funny. So precious. What a sweetheart.


  1. Sweetheart is right! His sleepy smile is as warm and adorable as can be. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i was laughing to hard. love it. i could tell you were wanting to videotape it just a little bit longer but then figured you should probably help him out of there.... ;-)

  3. Erin! You're perceptive! I was laughing so hard I couldn't hold the camera still and the poor boy was so pathetically tired. Yes - off to bed he went. He was out again before I laid him in the crib.

  4. Cath, he is so cute. Oh I want to come see him. I love it when they sleep in places like that. Ty did that all the time. See you soon.

  5. That video is quite possibly one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I love how he is smiling and then asleep.

  6. Could he be any cuter? Love that sweet tired look. So precious, so helpless, so angelic. Ahhh babies. So wonderful!

  7. Does he tutor? Let's set an appointment. Jacob needs some pointers for sure!

  8. Ang - Are you getting to the "gotta let them cry it out" stage? Good sleepers...hard to go through the pain -but oh so worth it! You know I'll be your cheerleader! Call me anytime!!


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