Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Just a Dinner Flop follow-up.

After I successfully pulled this chicken pot pie out of the oven Sunday, Eliza said, "Mom! You didn't flip it this time!!"

Or flop it. Yeah for me.

Redemption is sweet.



  1. lovely how one can find redemption in a beautiful dinner pie! xox

  2. that looks fabulous!! looks like a recipe i need to try:)

  3. Good Job on the Chicken Pot Pie. They are way tastey.
    I am sorry your family has all been sick. the picture of everyone in the living room sick is so sad and yet sweet.
    We love you.

  4. Cristie - yes. no longer free from blame. a small joyful triumph!

    Al - this recipe is THE BEST! (And I'm not a pot pie lover.) But my kids devour this one! Email me if you want the recipe. It's easy (for most people...) I seem to be the exception.

    Sara - yes we're over the gomboo. Hurrah. Love you too!


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