Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Power of Moms

I recently discovered this great website for mothering resources and encouragement.

Power of Moms was created to nurture the person inside the Mom, strengthen families, and gather mothers together to learn from each other. It's an online community started by Saren Eyre Loosli and April Perry. Saren had five children in five years with caboose twins, very similar to our family.

A week or so ago Power of Moms sponsored a photo contest and I entered the photo below (which actually got lost somewhere in the process and wasn't included, which was FINE by me).


Entering the contest hooked me up with Saren and she asked that I send in a little blip about the story behind the photo - taken when the boys were three months old. And yes - that IS exactly how I felt!

Story and photo now featured on their website here.

To see photos that won, click here.

Power of Moms offers empowering mothering essays, a monthly challenge, meaningful moments, retreats, summaries of great books for kids (and moms), podcasts, and more. I've enjoyed everything I've read so far. These women are real but inspiring - full of good examples. And it's nice to get a little dose of mom encouragement each day.

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The photo above was taken by my sister's good friend, Liz Draper. Check out her photography here. Last September she took some beautiful pics of all the kiddos that I will post over the weekend. Thanks so much Liz!


  1. cath this is a great resource on so many levels. the photo with you and dear ones is so much fun. i always appreciate your support and encouragement. thank you dear girl. xox

  2. Wow.............and this picture was on a good day! Your hands are full, but I know you will keep it all going well. The picture is hilarious.

  3. Cristie - the friendship is mutual. Thanks for YOUR encouragement! And yes - POMs is a great resource!

    Andrea - A good day - you're right! Bad days are too frightening to document. Seriously. Thanks for laughing! Love you!

  4. I love that picture fun and real! I also think that blog is great. Thanks for sharing. Love you.

  5. Thanks for helping to spread the word, Catherine! We really appreciate your contributions to our site, and your blog is wonderful. I just put you on our new blogroll--hope that's all right with you.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Deb - we should plan a POMs retreat. Check it out.

    And April - thanks for all your work in creating such a fantastic go-to spot! Just fine to include my blog. Thank you!!


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