Monday, March 1, 2010

I See it Now

Thanks to Liz Draper for her eye, her lens, and the gift of another perspective.


Cheeks flushed with September warmth
they flutter 'round Grandma's backyard
tossing my instructions to the breeze.

I jog after them, carrying one baby -
my sister the other - shaking my head.
Are they really all mine?

The sunflowers are big and brazen -
Petaled gold falling from their roots.
Not unlike God's gift to me.

But in the haste of the hour,
the bribing for smiles,
the constant wrangling of little bodies,

I miss it.

The exquisite day.
A mother in love.
Her quiver full.

I see it now.

My girls holding hands, tussling in the grass
Curly one fingering leaves of sunshine
A sister's tender kiss, rousing one eye open.

The way his feet turn in, toes touching
His brother's hand circling softly into a newborn fist
Oldest sister helping, holding, trying

I see it all now.

Framed by my mother's garden
ripe and bulbous,
spilling harvest tokens onto the ground

Just as we spill ourselves.

Luxuriant, liberal, excessive.
Mothers with a promise on our lips
dumping all we have to offer.

Exhausted and bent over our gardens
hoping they will bloom, be savored
and scooped up before the spoil.

Is any of it ever wasted?
Left for rot and ruin?


Not the gift of self.
Not the maternal sacrifice.
Not mother love.

I see it now.

Splashes of color tucked around me,
babies swaddled in the clouds,
the contentment on my face.

All five.

His gift.
And mine.






  1. precious photos...beautiful poetry.

    it would be a shame to miss such a day. for me that is the sweet magic photographs offer...another chance to savor and recall.

    gold spilling from the roots...lovely cath. xox

  2. I'm continually amazed at how gorgeous your children are! You've done good...

  3. Cristie - I know! Photography is so remarkable these days. Not only can we capture the look, but the emotions. Stilling time, taking us back. I love it.

    Erin - yeah. Liz has a great a talent, and lens!

    Mary - they take after Doug - thank goodness!

    Mimi - thanks for reading. Hear you're coming in town soon?

  4. Love the poem, love the pictures, love the Arvy's!!

  5. Catherine, they are just beautiful..what a blessing. The last photo is my favorite;)

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Words fail me. (What else is new?)

  7. Thanks Debbie! xo

    Tamara - I love your recent twin approach when venturing out in public. You'll need to chime in on some of our Tuesday Twinspins.

    Brodi - words fail you! Ha! You wield the mighty keyboard in a most successful fashion. Always. As for me - it's my brain, my patience, my endurance, AND my words. All failing. Or flailing. You know how it goes...

  8. love the pictures and poetry.

  9. Cath, those photos are beautiful!! What a precious treasure to have!

  10. Cath, I am just now reading this post. It popped up in the "You might also like" section under your Merry Christmas post.

    Wow! Friend, I am in utter awe. Your words are incredible. "Mothers with a promise on our lips dumping all we have to offer." Such poetry! You ARE a writer, Cath.

    The pictures are just gorgeous. You are absolutely angelically beautiful.

    Love you. Thank you. xo (I am hoping that get e-mail notifications for your blog comments so you can still read this even though this is on a post from last year).


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