Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Matter of Heart

You have to applaud your local media when they pick up a positive news story.


This week my Uncle Fred, who is a professor at Utah Valley University, had a heart attack while teaching.

When he didn't feel well he asked his class, "Do I look okay?" Seconds later he slumped to the floor.

Thanks to some fast-acting students who called 911, medics appeared on the scene in minutes. EMTs were able to do an EKG that sent results directly to the hospital where the ER staff was waiting for him. Fred was immediately taken into cardiac surgery where they placed a stent in a blocked artery. And he is now recovering well - expected to come home today.

Watch the minute and a half news story here.

If Fred had been somewhere else, especially alone, he may not have survived. We're so grateful to those students, the first responders, and the Cardiac staff that saved his life.

My Dad pointed out that Fred is the exact same age as my Grandfather who died too young from a heart attack thirty plus years ago. What progress we've made in medicine!

The breath of life. It's so precious. And a miracle that you're still with us Fred. We love you.

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  1. Wow, Cath--what a great story! That could have ended so tragically, but how great for technology and the quick thinking of his students. Thanks for sharing!


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