Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lullaby for Grandma


A slivered moon drifts in the sky.
Another glorious day gone by.

You're nearly there, almost asleep.
Rest your head, a vigil we'll keep.

Smoothing your hair, I stroke your brow
I can't believe it's here. Somehow

I must find the words to say goodbye
But nothing comes. I only cry.

I say I love you, squeeze your hand,
Kiss your forehead then stroke it again.

This love you sang of - a very light thing?
Whispy-white smoke and dragon fly wings.

Twirling and twirling, curling around.
Whispering by without a sound?

Well, it's heavy tonight upon my breast.
I hear it pounding in my chest.

But I can feel the others waiting
Wiping tears and celebrating.

They're ready for you. Dearest, you can go.
Close your eyes. I love you so.

It's time to sleep. The morning's nigh.
We'll sing again. Where there are no goodbyes.

Dorothy Clark Kimball Keddington Dyer
February 16, 1915 - April 13, 2010


My sweet Grandma passed away Tuesday morning, 12:50 AM. I will link to her obituary when it runs. She was elegant, talented, witty, and wonderful in every way. A soloist, actor, pianist, painter, teacher, revered mother, and beloved Grandmother. She was admired by all. And the truest friend to me.

I love this picture of her with Eliza (Age 2). Her long slender fingers, holding, always nurturing and always teaching.


FOUR Generations linked. Arm in Arm. My Dad with Gordon, Grandma, and me with Spencer.

This is the last picture I had taken with Grandma (Age 95). February 2010.


  1. precious...family, photos, poem, belonging. xox

  2. You're making me cry. I always remember how special our grandmas were to both of us growing up. That was such a hard time when my Yaya died, and reading your poem brought it all back. It was bittersweet and beautiful.

    I love you!

  3. Loved your generation picture. Grandma's are special and it's difficult to say goodbye even at 95. When my Grandmother died at 80, I was so blue and my doctor told me I shouldn't be so sad. He said at 80 she had a full life. It didn't matter, I was heart broken to say goodbye. We love our Grandmothers.
    I loved seeing your Grandmother's cute outfit and spunkiness . ............red sweater and all. A noble lady and a good example for all of us.

  4. My condolences Cath. That picture of the two of you is wonderful.

  5. I'm so very sorry.

    Email me when you can mlehnardt8@msn.com

  6. That poem is beautiful and such a perfect description of those last goodbyes with her. I love you and I love your way of putting everything so beautifully!

  7. You have such a marvelous gift with words. I told grandma I'm working on a book with you so we need to make it happen now. Hey, and since you're doing the tribute from the grandkids, be sure to include some humor I think I'll need it so my head won't pop from crying. Love ya Cath!

  8. What a special tribute to your grandmother. There can be no grandparent around who would not aspire to the relationship you had with her and the love you have for her.

  9. Cristie - I love the idea of belonging. Knowing where we've come from. Thank you.

    Melissa - thanks my dear!

    Brod - I know. I've been thinking of you actually. How hard it must have been when you lost Yaya. We know it's coming but the separation is painful, isn't it? I love you too.

    Andrea - Thank you for recognizing the challenge of a goodbye like this. Even for someone who lived life to the fullest. You're so right. We can still be heartbroken and it's okay. As for spunky? Oh yeah. She was a riot!

    Michelle Y - thanks so much.

    Michelle L - thank you. I know you understand these life moments. I'll email you as soon as everything settles next week.

    Deb - I loved your thoughts about Grandma. Her long slender fingers. And your words. She loved you so much.

    Jill - thanks. you've been there...

    Becca - you're comment is making me LAUGH! Alright. I'll do my best to keep it light. Maybe she'd prefer it that way. And no one wants your head popping off!!! (We'll make the book happen.)

    Rich - you're so sweet to even read this! We love and miss you guys so much. Thanks for your kind words.

  10. Cath I am going to have to stop reading your blog AND your Meridian review and anything else you write...you always move me to tears (either because of your beautiful writing or just cause I miss you so!).

    But I love you so I probably won't.

    I'm sorry for your loss, but I am grateful that we share the same sure knowledge that death isn't an end but a new beginning.

  11. I never usually like poems, but somehow I like yours. This one made me cry. I'm sorry for your loss, but it sounds like she did exactly what she was supposed to do on this earth.

  12. Mandy - I love that: No end - just a new beginning. As for reading blogs, yours is so lively, you keep ME laughing! Which is good, as my sister said, so our heads don't pop off from crying! How is Houston? Are you managing okay?? We miss you guys!

    Erin - Didn't know you only tolerated poetry. That means all the more to me - that you took time to read this. Thank you!

  13. What a beautiful lady! I hope you are able to spend precious time with your Dad and his family. love you!

  14. I just read your Grandmother's obituary. What a wonderful life your family has to celebrate this next week. I hope all goes well.

  15. Cris - thanks for the heartfelt wishes. Truly. A life worth celebrating. I hope we can capture that feeling throughout the next two days. Love to you!

  16. She sounds like a remarkable woman! Your family must miss her dearly. What a beautiful legacy she has left!

  17. Cath, I've told you this before, but I loved your Grandma as well. What a sweet, charming, witty woman. What an amazing and full life she lived. She always made me feel important when I was younger. I remember she came to our house once at Thanksgiving time, and she spent time creating things with me when she could have been visiting with adults. I always looked forward to seeing her. What a sweet tribute you wrote. You will certainly miss her.

  18. So sorry for your loss. I know how close you were and what she meant to you. My heart aches for your pain today. Love you. Ang

  19. Steph - yes - a tremendous legacy. hopefully we can teach it and share it with our own children.

    Shelli - I know she loved you too! She was probably thrilled to have your attention. She was always so good at entertaining the little people. Thanks for your sweet comment.

    Ang - You're such a dear friend. I appreciate your sweet thoughts.


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