Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Latest Indulgence

Last Saturday I put down an entire box of these in less than two hours.


It was the last box. And there's the last cookie (which I ate the following day).

How did one cookie last so long? I didn't know it existed. I thought Ali ate it after I took this picture. But there it was Sunday morning in singular breakfast-glory sitting on the pantry shelf.

Doug teases me that a package of cookies can't last more than 24 hours at our house. Well, let me just smash that record to pieces! Two hours. Can anyone beat that? Mom - can you beat that? I think this addition is hereditary.

I guess that's what three whiny girls and a boat-load of timeouts at the end of a husbandless week during tax season will do to you.

Bless you Huefner girls. For being girl scouts. And selling your cookies. Not sure what I'll do when you graduate from girl scout-hood.

My latest indulgence. Thin Mints.

What's yours? And am I the only one who eats sugar to make myself feel better?


  1. I bake and then eat the yummy sweetness. Especially when I am pregnant, snowed in, tired of a long winter, avoiding other responsibilities, you name it.

  2. HAHAHA!!! The other day while I was cooking dinner Travis came home to find 3/4 of a sleeve of thin mints devoured. He took the rest of them and hid them from me. I'm pretty sure my students were extra challenging that day...

  3. I'm pretty sure I have no excuse for eating treats, but I can't stay away! I love how you thought the last cookies was gone just to find it the next morning...ahhh, the sweetness!!

    p.s. the word I have to spell below is "phroun" :( the universe saying something to me?

  4. Today it was ice cream cones. Plural. We were in the Inner Harbor with my mom, sis, and the VA grandkids and one wanted to go on the paddleboat and I wanted ice cream, so I convinced Ella to go with me (not a hard sell) and we hiked upstairs to some hole in the wall ice cream place that had a line that went on forever. The ice cream was ok, and at least they let me purchase a kid's size for $3.50!!! And then we went outside and saw Ben & Jerry's cones. I learned there was a B&Js just inside. Guess where we went for a second cone? Yup. I should've stopped after the first when I actually felt good. ICK.

  5. I think two hours is a pretty decent time, but I'm sure I could do better! My biggest weakness is homemade peanut butter cookies--especially the ones with kisses on top. They can fix almost any problem in life. Mmm, mmm! Glad I'm not the only one that self-medicates with sugar! :)

  6. "i put down an entire box" lol! *reminds me of two years ago when i ordered 10 boxes (i was pregnant :) from a nurse's daughter i worked came to visit me at work for lunch and i had him take the boxes home with him...all day i thought about those thin mints...when i got home, i busted through the door and cam said "let's sit down over here i have something to tell you..." he proceeded to tell me with the hustle & bustle of getting the girls in their car seats...long story short, he drove off with all 10 boxes on the roof and saw them flying on the street as he drove down a main road. wow-thin mints sound so good right now! *cami

  7. All these comments have me CRACKING up!

    Michelle - baked anything... yes... baked. That's the downfall. Especially if YOU are in the kitchen! (All your treats are yummy!) I mind cooking. But not baking.

    Mary - See? It's those external pressures. We should go running instead of cookie snorting.

    Deb - "phroun"?? Awwww man. Do I need to bring you more cookies??? Good thing I'm coming with a treat tomorrow.

    Erin - what a story! Were you gazing at those gorgeous cherry blossoms?? I'll have to watch for your post. And what's up with paying through the nose for a kid's ice cream cone? At least B&J's tastes so good you rationalize your spending!

    Steph - Do you like your peanut blossoms warm, frozen, or room temp? It's the state of the hershey kiss that matters to me. I love them slightly warm. Isn't it nice we can fix our problems with food ;)

    Cami - Holy Cow! That is the funniest story. I thought you were going to say Cam ate them! But they flew off the car?! That is just plain devastating!! And not just one box - but TEN! I am laughing so hard. You might own the record for largest Thin Mints purchase! Should we see who can buy the most boxes next year? (and eat them too!)

  8. Crap, if only I had a little will power when it comes to sugar. Some days I swear I only eat sugar. I have got to be better and have less and more of the healthy stuff. We went through 3 boxes of those thin mints at our house.

  9. Meesh - seriously. You and me both. TMI: you're all going to think I'm a total junkaholic. But today I ate half a tupperware of your Mom's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! (Around lunchtime.) I was supposed to take them to a neighbor. I need to get a grip!

  10. sugar can be a real beast. xox

  11. I always buy multiple boxes of Thin Mints and hide them in the back of the freezer with the frozen veggies on top of them. The goal is to enjoy a box sometime in July with homemade ice cream. However, one day I discovered that a frozen Thin Mint is the best!! Move aside veggies.

  12. Cristie - you're now whistlin' dixie. (What does that even mean?)

    Pretty sure I've now lost ALL credibility with my former personal training clients. SORRY ladies! I promise to get my act together after the boys turn 2 ;)

    Leslie - Frozen Thin Mints!?! What a discovery! Gotta try those. Thanks for the idea!

  13. Cath, I think I can verify that the cookie cravings are definitely hereditary! I can't even buy girl scout cookies anymore. My metabolism as slowed so much that I may has well just plaster one bag to each hip and call it good. :)

  14. Shelli - you too? It MUST be a Wray thing. Hmmmm... and I noticed Candace blogged about sugar cookies. I hope I'm not passing this same genetic inclination to my children. It's probably already too late!

  15. I did the same thing, ate a whole box of thin mints on my own. I felt sorry for the girls standing outside the grocery store so I bought a box, set it out for my Doug to eat but he got home late. I had to hide the evidence that I even bought them because they were all gone before he got home.

  16. Tamara - wow. nice to know I stand in such good company. At least you bought your box out of sympathy. Our purchases were purely driven by cookie-weakness.


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