Monday, April 26, 2010

Tuesday Twinspin - One Spoon or Two?

So here's the question. Two mouths to feed. Do you use one spoon or two?


If you're a germophobe you might want to stop reading right about here. If not, does the thought of feeding two babies with the same spoon gross you out? Maybe just a little?

Well, here's the deal. With both sets of twins, initially I separated spoons and bowls. Two sovereign mini-meals of rice cereal with selected fruit and veggie. Stirred to perfection on the counter. Might have been a hold-over fear from those NICU days. Share germs? Oy! No way! We were sanitation nazis for the first six months!

But as our babies got older, hungrier, and more proficient with solid foods, I got lazy and went to one spoon. It's SO much faster. Less messy. Dirties less silverware and bowls. And truthfully, I had a heckuva time juggling spoons and remembering which spoon went with which mouth!

One spoon is simplified, streamlined feeding. Easy and effortless.

Now. Enter complication: Last week I noticed a suspect sheen of mucus on Gordon's upper lip. The beginnings of a cold, maybe?

(How this cheerio landed itself smack dab in the middle of Gordon's face I don't know. But it made the girls giggle.)

I stood at the crossroads: Do I continue feeding Spencer with the same spoon?

(Very brief moment of deliberation...)


Rationale: Not once have I been able to contain one twin's illness. No matter how much I wash, quarantine, or clorox. Twins share everything. Especially germs. Always.

It's a nightmare trying to keep pacifiers separate (unless you color-code). They chew on the same toys. Nuzzle up next to each other to play, swipe a balled fist under their drippy nose then pick up a toy and drool. Next thing I know, brother has that same toy in his mouth, drooling. And we've already talked about spoon juggling.


The latest science I've read encourages germ exposure. Scientists say early germ exposure boosts immune function and decreases risk of allergy-related disesases.

So what would you do? Any microbiologists out there? One spoon or two?

If you're a twin parent, I want to hear from you. I promise to tally and post the results.

For fun. Here's one more angle. My experience shows that one twin usually eats more than the other. Sami always finished Ali's bottles. Spencer now finishes Gordon's. Anyone else?

Waste not, right? (Despite microbial sharing.)


Twin Tip: Pamper's Disposable Bibs are a must. As well as Boppy x 2 for feedings. And the day your twins can hold their own bottles? (Around 8-10 mos) Glorious!


  1. Absolutely, share the spoons! Anything that makes it easier for the mom. My babies share pacifiers and finish off each other's bottles. There is no way you can escape sharing diseases even if you are vigilant about keeping everything separate. No need to end up in the nuthouse just to save a germ or two.

  2. Ha ha, I was going to post a comment and saw that Bonnie already had.

    We didn't even attempt the separation thing. In fact, Matthew at times may be caught sucking on a pink pacifier. Hey . . . it was the closest one!

  3. Bonnie and David - I think you guys are the most practical twin parents I know! You've already accepted the germ-share truth and your babies are still little! David - you're right. So much of sanity is about convenience. Who cares about gender color? And Bonnie - sometimes I HAVE gone wonky washing hands and trying to sanitize everything my kids touch. It's madness! Thanks so much for chiming in!

  4. Oh yeah, they shared. Another dish to wash for me was like adding to an already overwhelming pile of endless tasks...I never even thought about germs (my laziness took precedence) :).

    Love these posts so much Cath, they take me back to those sweet and crazy moments I have forgotten...Like the glorious feeling of freedom when they could hold their own bottles.

    And the cheerio on the nose? Precious. What beautfiul babies!

  5. I love, love, love the cheerio picture. I have no problems with the one spoon idea. Mostly because of ease and practicality, and I do believe it is better for your kids to have some illnesses and build up some immunities. So go for it!

  6. I clicked on you from Bonnie's blog, and your boys are cuu-ute! And all your girls, too. Two sets of twins, wow! Love the cheerio pic :)

    We have 3 yr-old b/g twins, and when they were small they always shared a spoon/bowl, unless hubby was around to feed one. I never tried to keep one from catching what the other had, because really, what's the point. They're gonna get it. Less stressful for me if they're sick at the same time, actually... So yeah, I'm firmly in the "let's build those immune systems!" camp :)

  7. Those boys are so dang cute!!

  8. I take your advice as doctrine, Cath! Can't wait to have these two out of me instead of in me to use all your good advice.

  9. Melissa - you're hilarious. Loved your post on your site about "the babies" - and what you have loved about having twins. It IS pretty cool! I want you to write a twinspin here one week. Let me know what you think.

    Michelle - It's all about practicality with little ones. Twins or not, right!

    Fiona - how fun to connect with you! I checked out your blog. What darling children! And wow - you've been seeing the world! How wonderful for your family! Glad to know you confidently join the rest of us on the "single spoon" team. Thanks so much for your comment. Hope to hear from you again.

    Debbie - xo

    Em - I know! You're coming down the home stretch. I need to phone you to see how I can help. Do you still need a crib?

  10. We share all sorts of stuff out here. Probably more than we should. We do share germs, sicknesses, but I see it as a natural part of life. Share away!

  11. We are a family that shares everything. I get two shakes and the whole family trades tastes. We share big bowls of soup at restaurants, burritos, yogurt that one starts, another finishes. i am of the waste not philosophy all the way and guess what, we are a pretty illness free family for the most part. Those boys are just the cutest things ever by the way. You are such a great mom.

  12. Ang- Share away! I like that.

    Meesh - Maybe we should share MORE! Wow. Not a single mommy or daddy ended up in the ultra-sanitation camp. Looks like we're all more chill than I though! Right on.

  13. A few summers ago I sitting outside at Mali's brother's house when my best friend's youngest boy grabbed a handful of dirt and popped it in his mouth.

    "Norm, uh...doesn't it bother you that Nathaniel's eating dirt?"

    "Nope!" says Norman Taylor, PhD/MD. "It'll boost his immune system and won't hurt him, unless there's fecal matter in the dirt."

  14. So glad I'm not alone on that spread the germs and make them stronger in the long run. That's always been my theory with my little people. Such a stress reliever. You should totally stick with one spoon!!

  15. Brent - fecal matter - now that's a whole 'nutha ball game! Great story. Thanks man - I feel tons better.

    Ang - I knew where you'd fall - you're much less anxious about this stuff than I am.

    So here we are 10PM and I've spent the afternoon/evening cleaning up stomach flu refuse (for Gordy - not Spence. Yet.) Times like this make me wish I could prevent the spread. But looks like it will probably be an eventful night! If only you could see my fake smile :)

  16. I saw my girlfriend share a spoon with her twins...swipe one mouth and put it in the other. I was totally disturbed. At the time I was prego with my own twins and swore I would be a 2-spoon mom.
    My twins are now 7 months old. I started out true to my oath. However, about 2 weeks later, we are down to 1 spoon, 1 bowl, swiping one mouth and putting it in the other.
    And yes, my twin Xander eats 3-4 bites per every bite his brother Declan gets. Sharing bottles, pacifiers...also fully accepted in this household!

  17. I just found your blog and love it. I have 6mo boy/girl twins. I just started feeding my twins rice cereal this week and thought this same or two spoons. I decided on one so this made me feel normal. :) Ha!

  18. One spoon is the way to go! Love this post!
    When I feed the twins in public I get stares and questions about using one spoon for both of them.


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