Wednesday, May 19, 2010



May 18th, 2010

11 years together
10 Christmases
9 Tax Seasons
8 (almost) years back east
7 excellent adventures
6 years without children
5 precious babies
4 homes and apartments
3 rounds of IVF
2 sets of twins
1"unbelievably blissful marriage"

(Those were Doug's words. Maybe a hint of sarcasm? Maybe. But maybe not.)

I love you hon. Happy Anniversary!

Dinner was fabulous. (Mom & Dad - thanks for staying with the kids, teaching them the Hokey Pokey and bringing ice cream. We love you.)


  1. Hope it was wonderful. You have many wonderful accomplishments together. Love you guys!

  2. Congrats!

    Love this photo; you two together.

    The list... awesome.

    Just look at all you have accomplished. Amazing.

  3. Congratulations! We celebrate 10 on the 27th. We are lucky to have such great men in our lives.

  4. Shirlee - It was a nice evening out. With moving, doug's work still busy, and the kids, that was about all we could swing! But it was great. Love you guys too!

    Cristie - Those children are a big deal. Our biggest accomplishment yet. But still a long ways to go! Look at you on the other end now. It's so sweet.

    Michelle - Amen, Sister! We are lucky!

  5. Love the list! Happy 11th Catherine and Doug

  6. Eleven years and not even an ice cream belly to show for it. Good for you two!!!! I hope you had chance to escape (even shortly)and enjoy some time together on your special day:)

  7. Happy Anniversary you guys!! Love you!


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