Saturday, May 1, 2010

Realizing Life

A couple weeks ago, Power of Moms ran a short piece I wrote about "realizing life." It originated after a night out at Pioneer Memorial Theatre where Doug and I saw Thornton Wilder's, Our Town. (Thanks Jim and Renae - for such a fun evening!)


Jog on over to Power of Moms and leave a comment there if you'd like.

If you haven't heard of Power of Moms yet, time to get informed!

You can check this site daily for... mommy inspiration, personal development ideas, and nuts and bolts for positive interactions with your children. I've had some good laughs reading other women's articles (we really are in this big motherhood boat together) as well as some fabulous sanity-savers.

Once a month you'll find me there. And I'm honored to be part of such a noble effort.

Power of Moms is sponsoring a Retreat in June which sounds absolutely divine! (I'm afraid registration might close this weekend.) Too bad we are moving early June and it would be wicked of me to leave Doug in a new house, peering over a pile of boxes with five chillun' to wrangle all by his lonesome.

It would be wicked, right? If not, I would be there for sure.

Thanks to Ali B for taking our family pic this winter. I'll post more of her work next week (I know. I'm a slow-poke).

And don't forget to click over to POMs and sign up for their newsletter. You'll be glad you did.


  1. So was the deal if you made it through another tax season you got to move? Oh wait, that might not really be a reward, moving is such hard work. Best of luck.

  2. Cath- That is such a gorgeous pic. And I'm so glad you were inspired by Our Town! It is my absolute favorite play, and the book I just wrote is based on it. (Okay, based loosely).

  3. Michelle - definitely not a reward. We're still not sure WHERE we are moving!!! Trusting something will slip into place soon. But you're right - at least we're not moving during tax season! Phew.

    Brod - I know. I LOVE the play. I'd read it twice but never seen it on the stage. I was mesmerized. And your new novel - even if based loosely on Wilder's play - I must read! Is this the one that was picked up by all those agents?? I'm so thrilled you were able to land such a great agent. This is the year my friend!

  4. Hi Catherine. What a great family picture. Wow, out in the snow and everything! Glad you liked "Our Town". I have to say I saw it once done by a Shakespeare Company here in Mesa (I had to go for a Theatre assignment) and I wanted to have a nap. Love to read your blog every so often and see your little family. Sure had a fun time with your mom and dad while they were here. Sorry about the passing of your Grandma. Love to you!

  5. Candice - I peeked on your blog a while ago. I'll have to look again and see what you're up to! So funny about falling asleep in a Shakespearean adaptation of Wilder's play. I can't quite imagine it. "Oh Life! Thou art far too beautiful for any human being to realize thee!" Over the top if you ask me.

    My parents loved hanging out with you in AZ. I'm sure they'll be back! Thanks for the comment. So nice to be in touch! xo

  6. You're moving? Where to? Are you buying a house? That's exciting, but lots of work! Good luck, wish we were there to help out.

  7. Hill - I wish you were here too! Maybe you could watch the kids ;) - since I keep trying to enlist you long distance. Sorry about that! We're still holding out until our other home sells. Not too exciting.

  8. What a great family picture! If you don't mind my asking, who was your photographer? We are going to be out in Utah this summer and are looking for someone to take some family photos.

  9. Bonnie - Alison Brasher was our photographer. You can link to her blog from this post. Logistical glitch: she lives in Idaho. And I scheduled our shoot when she was here visiting family. But I've looked at a couple other photographers in the area. Here's one I liked a lot.


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