Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Twinspin - Kitty Pillow Fate

It's been a short eon since I posted a Twinspin. There's much to say but I've gotta make it quick. I have a 6AM running partner to meet and my whole body is begging me to hit the sack.

So here are three items. Short and sweet.

1. Kitty Pillow


Oh where oh where has my kitty pillow gone? You might be wondering if I actually followed through on the mandate issued by its previous owner - "burn that thing when you're finished!"

Truth be told, I couldn't go through with it. I'd become way too attached. So I washed it and set it aside, thinking I would offer it up here to the blogworld. But a few days after I finished nursing, the right mom came along. Her twin babies arrived at 32 weeks - just like ours. My friend (and her friend) Martha asked if I had burned it yet. Nope! I confessed with delight. A few days later it was placed in a good home. I am happy.

2. Snap - And - Go Double Stroller

But I have something else that needs a home. A barely used Snap - And - Go Double Stroller. Brand spanking new last summer. I dare say it's only hit the streets a handful of times. It fits most infant car-seats - you can view the specs here. If you know someone local who could use it for the first year of twin babyhood, please let me know!

3. It's Unanimous


As a follow-up to the One Spoon vs. Two Spoons discussion, I declare with undaunted twin parent unanimity - USE ONE SPOON! Your responses were the same across the board - you can't keep your twins from sharing an illness no matter how hard you try, so spare yourself an extended sickie haul and feed with one spoon...always.


  1. I had a pillow just like that one for my twins! It was tons uglier, though. =) And I do one spoon. I subscribe to the theory that a little bit of shared germs develop stronger immune systems.


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