Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kisses and "Mom For Sale"

The boys made my morning. Just before breakfast, I lifted them out of their cribs - one in each arm. Spencer placed both hands gently on my face then planted his mouth on mine. It was a kiss (of sorts) straight from the heart. And it caught me by surprise. I kissed him right back.


Then Gordon grabbed my cheek with one hand and turned it - so we were nose to nose - and gave me his own version of a kiss. I hugged them in tight, feeling completely, unconditionally loved. A sweet moment on the heels of another tough week.


Apparently I'm still "not a nice mom" or a "fun" mom. But in my defense, it's hard to come off "nice" when you're eating ice cream cones outside and have to crash your own party because your two boys keep crawling into the street and you don't have enough hands to keep everyone corralled. Me against five little people ignoring street rules just wasn't working. It became a matter of safety. So I hauled everyone inside. And let me tell you, it was not without protest.

Because none of the girls would open the door for me (I had both boys in arms), I told them straight up that I needed their help and I needed them to listen. That's when Eliza piped up.

"Mom - if you don't start being nice, I'm going to pack you up and put a sign out that says - Mom For Sale!"

My eyes grew huge and I stared at her. Mom For Sale? How did she come up with that one?

"Did you think of that by yourself?" I asked. "Yes" she said. Then I started to laugh. And laugh. Suddenly, the thought of my arms and legs bound tightly with scotch tape sitting on the edge of the curb sporting a For Sale sign struck me as incredibly funny.

Then I got serious. "You want to sell me? You don't want a mommy anymore?" I asked with a hint of honest sadness. She nodded her head. I picked up the phone and dialed Doug's work number. "Why don't you tell Daddy what you want to do with your Mommy." The slightest bit of fear glinted in her eyes. Then she backpedaled. "Maybe I should write Daughter For Sale."

Mmm hmmm...

Just before bedtime, Doug turned into the driveway. He's been pulling late nighters recently so 8:30 PM was early. He asked the girls to come into the kitchen and they had a pow-wow while I washed dishes. Somehow he knew. Maybe it was Eliza's message. Maybe it was the moment I dropped the phone because Spencer had fallen down the stairs (Doug was on the other end). Somehow he knew to come home and my heart heaved a huge sigh of relief. My hero.

We put the girls down together, the girls prayed (with prompting from Doug) that they would listen to mommy and be better helpers, then Doug worked from home so I could go to the grocery store.

Doug to the rescue.

Mom no longer for sale.


  1. What would we do without our knights in shinning shirts and ties.

    So glad you're not for sale anymore. :)

  2. shucks. I was about to drive over and offer a hundred million for you.

    I'm going to come over one afternoon and steal those babies for a few hours. :)

  3. P just started giving us kisses this past week as well. I would do just about anything to get one - in theory at least. E told me tonight that he wished daddy was home all the time because he was more fun.... oh well.

  4. Oh Cath--I know my boys would have paid big money for you. Thanks for keeping "motherhood" so real. I have a question for you about the "retreat." If you get a minute, send me an email. Thanks, HJP

  5. K - "Knights in shining armor" - that they are! Thanks for all your help lately in the blog realm.

    Michelle - I might have said yes to just a million. And come steal babies anytime. We'd love to have you visit.

    Shells - "more fun?" Well, of course they're more fun! When you're solo you have to keep the ship sailing, clean up the deck, and still find a way to squeeze in some fun. Not so easy... but those kisses keep us going, don't they?

    Heath - sent an email your way tonight. The retreat is in your neck of the woods. Are you coming??

  6. I love, love, love this post. I'm not a nice mom or a fun mom either, and I shudder to think of what my kids would act like if I were to become one. Total chaos, I'm thinking...

    Also, it's good to be doing this parenting thing with a team member, isn't it? Husbands are great.


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