Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Dad II

In June, there was Super Dad. Now meet Super Dad II.


My very own.

Dad celebrates his 65th birthday today. You gotta love the paper crown my girls made him. A coronation took place during our serenade of Hail to the Chief - his all-time favorite band song. His brother (picture a slimmed down, less gray, but still balding, version of my Dad) gave him the perfect card. A little boy in a super cape stood boldly on the front and across his juvenile chest was written...

You always fall on the right side. Somewhere in between "cool" and "dorky."

Dad is cool (according to my definition). Always has been. But sometimes dorky. By choice. He likes wearing loud, obnoxious ties to work. He can remember a trillion useless facts. And he loves making us squeamish with his unusual food combinations.

Dad is also love. Can you see it glinting in his baby blues?

While trying to open his gifts and cards last night, a litter of grandkids scaled his broad shoulders, squishing themselves into the folds of the couch so they could sit next to him. Match box cars were balanced on his bald spot, necklaces draped around his neck, toys and drawings shoved into his face (you know - 1/2 inch away from his nose - the point at which one has to go cross-eyed to see what is in front of him). He took it all in stride, laughed boisterously, and told us how much he loved us - how blessed he felt.

So here's an inside look at why I think he's so super. I love this picture of Eliza sitting on his shoulders. They're singing a song together and he's teaching her new actions.


And in this video I caught them practicing his version of a troll.

Yes, a troll.

A very good one, I might add.

You've always been my hero Dad.

Happy Birthday!

I love you.


  1. I don't know what's my favorite. The description of my dad or the troll. You gotta' love being a Keddington!

  2. Nothing beats a dad for a hero. I love all your photos and seeing how much the little ones are all growing up.

  3. Mary - you're so right. This is absolutley Keddington! And please tell me Rog isn't offended with my description!

    Tamara - Long time no visit! I lost your blog URL when I re-did our blog look. Glad to add you back on! Looks like it's been a great summer. Those boys are So darling. You are extremely blessed!

  4. What a fun grandpa! And what a sweet post about him being your hero. I agree. Dad's are the best, aren't they? Next to Mom's of course! haha. I LOVE the new blog!!! Who designed it for you? It is awesome! And I love the name. You amaze me, Cath. I love that you find time for yourself and what fills your bucket amidst the craziness of your life. It's hard to balance, but keeping yourself sane is pretty much at the top of the list!!! And yes, I've had horrible days like you described in your other post...yours are just a little more intense because you're outnumbered by tiny people!! Love ya, Cath!

  5. Shelli - I love you! Thanks for all your comments here and at Segullah! I really appreciated your thoughts and encouraging words. We need to get together with you - soon! We're looking at November. Rachel's already picked a date. You are wonderful!


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