Monday, November 1, 2010

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Act IV, Scene 1

Halloween 2010. Wet driveway. Relentless Rain.

Enter the three witches.


Double, double toil and trouble.
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Eye of newt, toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog.

For a charm of powerful trouble
Find three witches on the double (I mean triple.)

Witches always come in threes right? Macbeth, Hercules, Hocus Pocus. Well, at our house it was no different.

Meet Witch 1.


Witch 2.


And Witch 3.


They gave scary and devilish their best shot. Did it work?

The forecast was ominous so we figured we'd squeeze in an hour or so of "treats" before the downpour. Instead, we planned it perfectly and stepped out right in the middle of the storm. It was impossible to hold the girls back any longer, but to my surprise, they hardly noticed the rain. I loved watching them race up the sidewalks, pointy hats bobbing, capes flying.

We left a bowl of candy on our doorstep and took the whole crew in the car. That way the girls could duck in for shelter when their fingers were frozen and the boys could stay warm. Doug and I took turns walking.

I bought monkey costumes for Spencer and Gordon but returned them a few days later after realizing no one would see their costumes and I could save $50.00 just bagging the whole idea.

They won't hold it against me when they're eighteen, right? They won't feel gypped because they weren't cute fuzzy monkeys when they were one year old - right? I'm evaluating why I do things lately. Am I doing it because some unknown law of the universe says "you must." Or am I doing it because I really want to?

Well, I didn't want to. It was easier to simplify.

So I made capes, found these darling spooky socks and skirts online, grabbed hats at Target, and called it good. Everyone was happy.

And where there are little witches, there's always a Mama witch.


And a Grandma witch! (Check out her striped stockings!) They look like they're off to Hogwarts, don't they?


And here's Eliza at the end of the night - legs ready to curl right up... into bed.


We were beat, soggy, and relieved to come inside and dole out candy for the rest of the doorbell ringers who wisely waited out the rain for a dark but dry trick-or-treat.


Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf
Witches' mummy, maw and gulf

At last a song from our witchy brood
Then the charm is firm and good.

Hope you had an excellent Halloween!


  1. Ronda has to be the most lovely witch i have ever seen. the little girls were adorable getting into the whole spooky witch theme. thanks for sharing such great photos cath. xox

  2. They look darling!!!
    And I LOVE that line about not listening to that status quo universe talk...and doing what YOU want, and what works for YOUR family. It took me a LONG time to have the nerve to do that, and BOY it felt good, I find myself doing it more and more! :)

  3. LUV the first witch pic...the clinched witch hand, the red lipstick, the curls! now THEY will luv this when they are 18!
    i luv times when "well, i didn't want to". those are some of the my best times, most relieving times.
    you dont even want to get me started on one, did you hear me say no one, is dragging me into their commercialization nightmare this year. i've turned the corner and i refuse to go back.
    luv the pic of rhonda :)

  4. What precious little witches! I just found your blog, I came over from clover lane, and who knew but we must be neighbors! Well, mnot really but I live in salt lake, and from the looks of your Halloween pics, you might too. Any way, I am your newest follower, I have been reading and reading, and it is beautiful, simply beautiful. Feel free to come over and visit me sometime,
    Thanks for the sunshine!

  5. I also popped over from Clover Lane.
    I just thought the video of the witch song was soo adorable!

    I look forward to reading a bit more on your blog. I am really liking what I'm reading so far!

    I find it so wonderful that we can all learn from each other and draw strength from each other.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. Way to be deliberate! (Isn't that our watchcry now?! Be deliberate.) I love, love, love your three witches.

  7. adorable! My youngest is 4 and this was the first time ever in a costume (and a hand me down at that) and actually trick or treating beyond one or two neighbors. I have always left him home with my husband so the older kids could enjoy - you'll know when its time for the boys to join you - don't let other people pressure you! I can't tell you how many times people would be SHOCKED when I wouldn't take my youngest trick or treating or some other "tradition" but simple is better in my opinion!

  8. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I am actually closer than Alpine {although that guess makes a lot of sense}. I am just a bit south of you, right by little cottonwood canyon, that is where I came up with the "alpine" part, well, that and I love the mountains.
    Thanks again, I look forward to reading more in the future :)

  9. Cristie - she is lovely, isn't she?

    Sarah - I'm determined to get better at this! You're right - it feels GREAT!

    Cami - Geesh. Haven't even thought of Christmas yet. Thanks for galvanizing my resolve. I must stay firm through this season of "must haves" and "must dos". Are you able to come to our family girls night in November?

    Sarah - Loved your blog. I left a comment there. Thank you so much for reading!

    Meeks - Wow. What a life you've made for yourself in NZ! So glad to find you. I agree - it's wonderful to support each other in these ways.

    Liz - Love connecting with you again!

    Anon - another beauty of a quote from the retreat. "Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication." Sounds like you've been living this already. Thanks so much for your comment!

    Anon -

  10. Your kids are beautiful Catherine! Love catching up with you here..

  11. catherine im so in for the for the get together, what are the details!? what can i bring!?

  12. new to your blog too! i can't believe you have fun! love your pics from your retreat...i must seriously think about going...sounds like an amazing experience! so glad you were able to get Mike's goodies....we were just there last weekend for our yummy!

  13. darling witches. I like how you kept the costumes simple.

  14. I love those three cutie witches! And the hats are awesome. And I agree--You and Ronda looked great! And...I know just what you mean about comtemplating why we do things. Proud of you for doing what worked for you, and I love Cami's comment about not getting sucked into the Christmas commercialism. Awesome!!! Love you, Cath!!!

  15. Cath! I am so thrilled to have come upon your blog! I was reading over at Clover Lane. I had a rush of adrenaline when I saw your cute family picture! I realized that I knew these two cute parents of such a family! What blessed Children to have a Mother and Father like the two of you. Amazing!
    My Sister Stacy is in Doug's Parents ward. I live in Las Vegas now. When I do see Renee she gives me quick updates on you. I haved loved hearing about all of you.
    Please know of my love and adoration for you!

    Lisa Fairbanks

  16. Lisa! You dear friend! I am delighted to hear from you! We get updates on you as well, whenever Renae sees you. And she is always so generous in her compliments. It sounds like you're doing extremely well. I'd love to see pictures of your family. Please drop me an email if you have a moment.


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