Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jingle Bells - Spence and Gordy Style

It's been three months since the boys started walking.


When our girls teetered on the edge of ambulation, a few people I didn't know (and some that I did) said to me, "I'm sure you don't want them to start walking. Two of them! What will you do?"

Really? I thought. Let me tell you what I'll do. First I'll do a toyota jump. Then I'll click my heels in the air because I won't have to bicep curl two babies to bring them upstairs, or turn sideways to prevent shattering my elbows as I carry them both through a doorway, and then, I'll give my quads a nice little break on the couch. Those deep knee lunges sporting fifty extra pounds are killing me!

Around here, ambulation equals jubilation!

What about the rest of you with twins?

There is something so darn cute about watching these two little brothers toddle around after each other. I love the way they barrel forward, their shoulders set, elbows crooked as they waddle penguin-like through the living room, surprised at their own acceleration.

This video is of their first walk. One right after the other.

And now that they're mobile, I love that they can go downstairs on their own, come up on their own, and play on their own. Sometimes fifteen minutes will go by and I'll realize all is quiet. At which point, I case out the joint and find them downstairs playing happily together. Occasionally, I will stand outside the door and listen to them laughing with each other. Spencer sent Gordon into giggles with this accessory - courtesy of Mr. Potato Head. It's gotta be pretty cool to have a twin.


A few weeks ago Gordon adopted this red baby doll. It was given to Eliza on her first Christmas. (Thanks Ro.)


Auntie Pat gave her a white baby doll the second Christmas and Spencer has adopted it. So "red baby" and "white baby" travel everywhere with the boys.


The two of them wandering around with their Christmas dolls just make me laugh. (Notice Joseph and the Wise Man also in hand.)


And some day... when they bring their dates home to meet mom and dad, or their coaches need a picture for an awards banquet, well - these could come in handy. Awwwww.... so sweet.

Of course, since the boys started walking, they've found some new nooks and crannies. Like the pantry shelves. Oops! Caught red-handed.


And the kitchen table. One morning I left the breakfast dishes on the table while blow-drying my hair and when I finished, I found both Spencer and Gordon on top of the table, slurping milk and soggy cereal out of their sisters' bowls. Yum.

But just a few days ago, I found them here. Dancing to their favorite Christmas tune. It was pure holiday entertainment. And I had to share it with you.

Jingle all the way...


  1. Those little boys are delicious! How sweet!

  2. Roger and I loved the Jingle Bell dance. Thanks for sharing the holiday spirit and your cute family.

  3. This really shows how grown up they are. So precious. Send me your address on facebook message.

  4. We're not to walking yet, but I LOVE that Leah can crawl! Like you said, it means I don't have to carry her everywhere. She just follows me! I so wish Matthew would get the hang of it! He would be sooo much happier if he was mobile.

    Go babies, go! That's what I say!

  5. Steph - as Sami said just a few minutes, "mom - they are delectable!" Not sure where she picked up that word!

    Leslie - did you love their effort just so stay upright? Table dancing isn't as easy as it might look.

    Andrea - you got it. Do I have your address??

    Bonnie - Absolutely. "Go babies, Go!" Are you finding one is ahead in most things developmental, or do they switch? Spencer crawled first but Gordy walked first. Interesting to observe. Ali led out in both. Interesting, isn't it?

  6. cath, it is so much fun to see these adorable little boys. xox

  7. I'm sure they're a handful but they are so adorable. So fun to see them and their personalities.

  8. Seriously, that paragraph about what you'll do when they start walking, that had me laughing so hard. Oh, I know about bicep curls and squats and shattering elbows. It's a full body workout!

    Really for me the walking was so great, but I was thrilled to pieces when they could go up and downstairs alone. You would have thought I was winning the lottery as I coaxed them up the steps and down.

  9. how cute. I love that in the last video they both looked to each other for what to do. If one was staying on the table the other would as well. I think they are going to be such good friends.

  10. I LOVE walking, then their hands aren't all over the floor all the time!. One of my twins walked at 10 months-that was a little early. It made the other one furious that he couldn't-lol. Now they are like a little tornado wherever they go and the kitchen table is their favorite spot. Your boys are adorable-I love their names too!

  11. Cristie - Eliza is loving Claire. I hear Claire stories most weeks. I'm glad they are friends!

    Mimi - so glad you commented. I lost your URL and loved re-visiting. I'm sorry about your Grandmother. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

    Liz - Ah yes, the stairs! A huge triumph! Definitely a freedom for both mom and babes! And with all this full body workout stuff, how come I'm not rippling with muscles?? I'm sure you are!

    Sarah - good observation. Yes, they go everywhere together, watch each other. I remember how odd it felt the first time I took Ali somewhere alone. I hope they're always good friends.

    Taylors - the kitchen table - such a draw isn't it? Our boys look to be about the same age. How funny that one of yours walked earlier than the other. I can see how that would have been frustrating! But yes - I'm sure you laughed!


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