Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day


One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life;
that word is Love. - Sophocles

After Ali and Sami were born I sent Valentine cards in lieu of Christmas cards. The tradition stuck. It was one less thing I had to do in December (and yes, one more thing I have to do in February) but something I wasn't willing to give up.

I love the process of sending cards - the gratitude I feel as I read each name - each person (many of you) who have made us who we are, changed us for the better. You are very much a part of us.

I decided this year, however, that trying to take a family picture in the winter is ridiculous. This was our only good shot out of two separate photo shoots. Next year we will try for a family portrait in the summer or fall, when it's not thirty degrees outside with a chance of fog and two minutes of frame time until the kids melt-down because their hands are so "freezing" cold.

But thanks to Michelle (and our friend Dave) we had something to send out.

Doug did the mail merger, I typed names, we licked and sealed, and the girls stamped red hearts onto the envelopes. The thought of something colorful arriving in your mailbox made us happy. So, despite the cost of postage, this is the closest we get to going electronic. At least for now.

Happy Heart Day friends!

Valentine Wishes to you. From us.

With love,


  1. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who sends out super late Christmas cards. Our twins are five months old now and in December I never got around to taking a picture and sending out cards. I still wanted to send out a card to a few friends to commemorate our first Christmas with our boys. I am now working on sending out "Happy Winter Cards." Hopefully I can get them all out before it turns to Spring!

  2. Cath,
    Love your Valentine's card! What a great idea... I so relate to the difficulty of getting a good photo... that is always my biggest challenge!! Your family is darling!
    I love your inspiring posts... thanks!

  3. Beautiful photo of your lovely family.

  4. I think that is a great idea, one I may have to steal for next year. I love the photo, and your girls tights are so cute, cute, cute.

  5. i love everything about this...but mostly you. xox

  6. you're on our front door! LOVED the little fleece jackets and the stripey tights. SO colorful for a winter picture. LOVED it. we love and miss you all.

  7. Absolutely beautiful family. Could your kids be any cuter?

  8. Melissa - I love it. Happy Winter Cards. That is awesome. Yes, give yourself until the first day of Spring - large margins!

    Rebecca - Your family photo this year was gorgeous. But I'm sure you know the pain of trying to get five kids to look at the camera! You're so dear to read. Love you.

    Handsfullmom - You are quite the inspiration. It means a lot to me that you visit.

    Rachel - steal away. No copyright on this idea!

    Cristie - hope you got your card. xoxo

    Erin - We're honored!

    Anne Marie - not so cute tonight. But gotta love them anyway! Thank you.

  9. I love getting my yearly sometin-somethin in the real live mail from you! BTW-I hope you kept the boots:)

    p.s. your family photo should be on the cover of some family friendly magazine.-love it

  10. What a darling family you have. I love looking at your blog and being able to keep up on you guys since we don't get to see eachother very much. Glad to see that all is well!

  11. Caroline carried your card around all day! She just wants to be around girls, and your three really enticed her!!! Such a lovely family you have Cath.


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