Friday, March 11, 2011

The Great Wave


I had an entirely different post tapped out in Word, but after watching all the CNN footage of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake and the massive Tsunami that struck the coast of Japan, I don’t have eyes to look away. I don’t have the heart to write about anything else.

My husband and I crowded around the computer screen, children spilling off our laps, as we watched the great wave slide onto land and devour everything it touched. Tendrils of water raced forward, neck and neck, licking up homes, wrapping around buildings, and seeping over farms. Cars zipped down highways trying to outrun the advancing wall of water as it choked down debris, boats and trees. I do not know that kind of panic...

I'm at Segullah today with a philanthropic take on recent world events. It's all I could think about after reading the news.

Join me?


  1. I have been looking at the pictures all morning. My heart aches for the sweet Japanese people. How I long to tangibly help, but for now, I will just keep sending prayers heavenward.

  2. Breaks my heart, I'm so sad for the people. And thinking about how easily my husband could have been there on a business trip.

    So long,


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