Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Fever

Sometimes we take things literally around here. Like Spring Fever. It's almost the first day of Spring and a weird viral strain has breached our threshold. It's come with a low-grade fever that lasts four to five days, followed by congestion and a runny nose. Not fun.

It started with Eliza Sunday and has worked its way down the ranks. Such is the case when all your kids play with the same toys, still put things in their mouths, lick the windows in the same spot, and sip from their sibling's cup (despite color-coding).

Eliza missed school on Monday. Ali and Sami missed preschool all week. I lost my voice and have some sinus congestion. Gordy started a few days ago and I thought we were past the worst until he woke up this morning with a temperature of 103.


Here he is energetically putting a cheerio into his mouth.

Instead of daffodils, our kitchen windowsill is bedecked with these lovelies. We've made two runs to the store to replenish. I've never had so many children fevered at the same time, for so long.


Double-dosing with Tylenol and Ibuprofen drains the bottle quickly.


Ali cuddled up next to Gordon in an effort to cheer him up. (Love the sunglasses and swim suit. I think she's ready for Spring.) But the G-Bob wasn't too receptive.


There was a struggle.

Ali won.


And both were clearly bugged.


So they returned to their non-interactive, listless coexistence.

The up-side to having sick kids is that they love to be held. The down-side is that I don't have enough arms for everyone. Yesterday Sami said, "Mom, you need ten arms... maybe a hundred!" "I know" I rasped. "Wouldn't that be awesome?"

Despite the inadequacy, I've held them whenever I can. And it's so nice to sit down. I love having a limp child place their head into the crook of my neck and melt into my skin, with no desire to be anywhere but next to Mom.

Everyone perked considerably this morning after meds and have been playing well on their own, but Sami is crawling onto my lap as I type. I can tell they're getting restless again. I need to sign-off.


The last man standing (besides Doug who, lucky for him, is working the long tax hours right now), is Spencer.


Still no fever. Even though I've been sharing spoons and swapping binkies so we can just hurry through this thing.

Strangely enough, he's holding out.

I'll let you know if he ends up challenging my theory that twins share everything, including sickness. Wow - if he did, this would be a landmark case. The first I've seen - and I'd probably call the CDC.

Hope your spring fever is manifesting itself in more benign ways - like an outing to the park and daffodils on your windowsill.

I'm off to hold kiddos.


  1. such a sweet post. Love you Cath. Praying you all get well soon. And good for Spencer!

  2. wow...i feel for you girlie. xox

  3. Oh, I hope your sickies get better soon! I'm sure its been a loooong week for mama! I hope you get to enjoy spring soon!

  4. I've been looking all week for an upside to sick kids. We seem to be celebrating spring similarly to you and your family. I do love to hold and comfort them-more than anything else. I need to focus on that. I hope your healthy spring comes soon!

  5. Michelle - thank you. Update: Spencer still standing. He might just prove me wrong! xo

    Cristie - feeling for you too. hugs.

    Steph - it has been a long week, but I think we're beginning to surface. miss you!

    Meagen - you too?? Oh I'm so sorry! Hoping for health your way very soon. Weeks like this make us grateful for all those healthy days, don't they? Thanks for connecting. xo

  6. oh, these pictures are good... real good.

    i love the one where ali and gordy look peeved.

    love those kiddos, love their mama!


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