Saturday, April 2, 2011

Conference Weekend

Crayons, papers, puzzles, and markers are everywhere. The downstairs is a disaster, but it was a good day. I gathered the kids around the screen this morning to watch General Conference.


I printed pictures for them to color, gave them their own cache of jelly beans for Conference Bingo, and stockpiled wipes/diapers so I wouldn't have to run up and down the stairs. (I blogged about General Conference a few months after the boys were born. Now that was a wild Saturday. So glad we've graduated in a few areas - like I'm no longer nursing and we have two instead of four in diapers.)

We are an unusual bunch - Mormons. We believe with certainty that God still calls prophets to offer counsel and guidance for the people of the world today. It's one of the key tenets of our faith. And that's why this weekend is so important to us. We bring our families together to listen to a prophet.


Doug had to work so it was slightly (okay very) chaotic trying to manage all the kids, guard my neatly folded laundry (silly me - I was trying to multi-task), and hear what was being said. Was it convenient? No. But I wanted my children to feel the spirit of it - to know what we value and care about. I wanted them to hear truth - even if it was only background to their play.

Sitting down was rare, and I didn't catch every word, but what I did hear, quenched my soul. I've been feeling like milk-toast lately - in need of some uplift, some spiritual extra. Tax season is hard for me. Going it alone day in and day out, for weeks and weeks, with the inability to take my kids somewhere together (although we did make it to the park this week) is hard on all of us. Going places, even playing on the front lawn sometimes, becomes a safety issue. I just don't have eyes or hands for everyone.

But listening today, I was moved to be a better mother, a better person, to syphon out of my life those things that aren't helping me progress. And after this talk about children, I want so much to observe all my little people with more awareness and appreciation. I need to remember, they can be my greatest teachers.

Conference lasts two days - so we'll have one more day of sustenance, renewal - the chance to be filled. And tomorrow? We get to have Doug with us. Hurrah!

Here's a two minute video called "Why Conference Matters" in which members of the church from around the world share their thoughts. You can see the Conference Center (which seats 21,000), and a brief clip of President Monson, the current prophet for the LDS Church.

Conference is a big deal for us.

For me.

What about you? How and where do you find spiritual strength?


  1. Our conference weekend is next week. I can't wait!!!

  2. at first i was going to confess that i lack a real source of spiritual strength, BUT then i read your next post and realized - not for the first time - that THAT is what i follow the type of blogs i do, lovely ladies like you who are source of spiritual in-touch-ness that i lack in my day to day contact with 'real' people

  3. Meeks - Do you gather to watched a recorded version? I thought of you when President Eyring spoke of the people in NZ. Sending warm thoughts your way. I love your inspiring blog.

    Cecilia- what a kind comment. You seem to gather strength from those around you, whatever the medium. Please know, through your own words/comments, you are also strengthening others.

  4. I really appreciate reading your blog and your posts/comments over at Segullah. You have a beautiful, kind soul, and I very much appreciate you sharing your talents for writing and living here. I particularly enjoyed recently the post you did about your mom. Absolutely beautiful. I am hoping that you have many more years with her.

    I have four kids, and my "babies" are twins. My children are far more spread out than yours were, but raising my twin boys has required calling on reserves that I didn't know I had in me. The infant year was a blur of nursing, changing diapers, and trying to keep the rest of us afloat. But, then the toddler years felt like one continuous brawl after another. As the dust has cleared, I have finally been able to see what a miracle it all has been....exhausting? yes. Sweet and precious? Absolutely. So, now my guys are headed off to kindergarten this fall, and I have been reminiscing and preparing myself for the separation (full-day kinder here sadly). My twins' friendship is one of the most joyful things in my life to watch. What a blessing! Worth every night of comforting two croupy babies and worth every moment of getting in the wrestling ring with them.

    Wishing you the very, very best. Thanks for sharing yourself here.

  5. my oh my sweet girl...just look at all of the good you are doing. i am so proud of you. xox

  6. Anne Marie - Your comment was such a lift for me yesterday. Thank you. I wish you lived closer - I'm sure we would be good friends. Thanks for sharing about your twin boys - how well you understand just trying to keep everyone afloat - and yes, the miracle of it all. I can see at some point we will look back and be amazed that we not only survived, but that there was such beauty along the way. I know divine help descends often. "My twins' friendship is one of the most joyful things in my life to watch." I look forward to seeing this relationship unfold. Thank you so very much for saying something. I needed your words. And please consider writing a Twinspin. If you are interested, post another comment or email me. I know our twin parents would benefit from your wisdom. Sending much love your way, and a heart to weather full-day kindergarten (hard!).

    Cristie - doing and trying, yes? love you.


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