Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday


I stand like the donkey, waiting and tied -
only I can decide. Still I wonder,
will he clothe me?

I kick rocks, spy over the jagged glass
at the masses splitting branches,
leaving Bethany.

I imagine these two sisters and their house
doused with death, and miracles -
women who knew the price of spikenard.

I pull up my hair, slicked wet
with sweat. Mary let hers down
to wipe his feet, a token of her knowing.

Palms dance in the air above the dome -
roaming like feathers plucked and floating.
The people spread garments in the way.

Boy scouts with green neckerchiefs cheer -
clearing the road for nuns smocked in black.
Their beaded crosses swaying.

I am moved - thrust forward, caught in the throng.
But I belong. So I sing.

All is triumph.

All Hosannas.

All a descent into the city wall.
A descent into death - beneath us all.

Respect reigns and bells ring
the sound of his coming - my Deliverer, my King.

Remembering Palm Sunday in Jerusalem, 1995


So begins the holiest week of all human history.

And our daffodils (nearly all of them) opened in celebration of it.

My thoughts are of Him today.


  1. I do love your heart, you and this sweet offering.
    This too will be a sacred week of remembrance for me. And, the joy of it all...HE LIVES. XOX

  2. Cristie dear, thanks for commenting. Sometimes after posting a bit of poetry (especially a first draft), I want to crawl under a rock. But, oh well. It's up. And you're right. What matters is "the joy if it all - He lives."

  3. This is beautiful. My favorite part is "women who knew the price of spikenard". Blessings to you this Easter week.

    Those pictures of your husband and kids are precious. I hope you get lots of catch-up time with him after the crazy weeks that preceded April 15th.

    I love all the snowmen characters your kids created. I am a teeny bit jealous of all that snow...I live in Texas and my kids were cheering this past winter when we literally had less than 1/4 inch of snow to play in.

    Your Segullah post "Being True" was beautiful. It has taken years for me to open up and allow my voice to be heard. Sometimes my opinions seems at odds with mainstream thinking, but I am learning to still speak my mind much of the I did last night at a Primary meeting in defence of some individuals. I have been so grateful through the years for friends who made me feel safe....who listened as I exposed some of the rawest parts of my soul. My deepest, most meaningful relationships are those in which I can be honest and real and open....part of humanity is accepting all our frail, broken parts and those of others. Thanks for your sincerity and sweetness which shine through.

    In response to your question some time husband and I don't really read together so much although we share lots of tidbits with each other about things we've read in books or online. We really are mindmates as well as soulmates, and for that I am profoundly grateful.

  4. Anne Marie - Easter blessings to you and yours as well. I love your openness about the concept of being true. It sounds like you've been gifted with good friends but also a confident heart, and spirit. Good for you for speaking your mind. You are definitely someone I would listen to.

    I loved this: "part of humanity is accepting all our frail, broken parts and those of others." As for your mindmate as well as soulmate - you are so very blessed. Funny enough, I just ordered Walking. Walden has me mired for now. I may post about it at some point. I just can't get past Economy. Maybe I need something lighter for right now. Your comments are always such a lift. Thank you.

    Grandma Honey and Kara - thanks for reading.

  5. I don't read your blog as much as I should, but wow! You're inspiring to say the least. Happy Easter! Come visit!



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