Sunday, May 29, 2011

Craft by Eliza

Eliza is creative. I'm realizing it more and more. It's a part of who she is and how she came. She's never bored, doesn't have to be entertained, and she's always making something. A game, a craft, a story. Just yesterday I asked her if she wanted to read with me and she thought about it for half a second then said, "No. I want to make something." It's her favorite pastime. She likes to make things in her head, on paper, out of boxes, out of fabric. If I giver her what she asks for (and sometimes that's a big IF), it morphs into something rather fantastic. In recent months she has made books, kites, a car, an adult-sized caterpillar, several kinds of self-portraits in various mediums, and clothes for her stuffed animals.

A couple weeks ago, I was in the living room talking with my mother, oblivious to the silent crafting going on the girls' bedroom. When Eliza walked out she was holding this.


"It's you Mommy! she shouted
"Wow! How Cool!" I said. "Did you make these at school?"
"No" she said.
"Did you see them on the computer?" I questioned further.
"No. I made it up myself" she said, as a matter of fact.

Pretty cute, don't you think? She calls them Silverware People.

A bit later, I asked her, "So... what if... I posted some of your crafts on my blog? We could call them 'Crafts by Eliza' and you could help me write the instructions. Maybe other kids would like to make some of your things." She thought this was a great idea. So below are her step-by-step instructions. (She dictated. I typed.)


Supplies needed: Paper, scissors, tape, stickers, and plastic silverware (two spoons, two forks).

1. Cut or break the spoon right by the circle to make a head.
2. Cut a triangle out of paper for the body or dress. Put stickers all over the paper. (She used butterfly stickers.)
3. Cut an oval out of paper for the face (same size as spoon). Draw a face on the paper and tape it to the cut spoon.


4. Tape two forks for arms onto the triangle. Tape two spoons for legs onto the triangle.
5. Make sure you do this in a secret place. Then go show it to your mom!


School is out for us. Summer is here and the schedule is suddenly wide open. Hurray! I've been looking forward to this for weeks. But honestly, someone needs to send Mother Nature a memo. We're ready to pack away our winter coats, don some shorts, and pull out the wading pool!

And one other exciting sidenote. Doug is taking the week off. So I am too (from blogging and a few other things) - since we have all this time to play hard, stay up a little later, sleep in a little longer, and enjoy some family time.

Here's to Summer and the hope that you are stocking up on popsicles and folding shorts instead of sweaters. I'll catch you in a week or so friends.



  1. School's already out for the summer? Gee, you are lucky!

    We have nine weeks of summer break, and while this seems scary at first, I soon come to really enjoy just hanging out, and "letting our souls dangle." It's just so nice to watch the kids get really mellow.

    The silverware people are really cute, very creative!

    So long,

  2. Eliza is amazingly creative. I hope you post lots and lots of crafts by Eliza!

  3. Nice job, Eliza! I love the idea of silverware people. Hope you have a lovely week

    Anne Marie

  4. SO cute! Eliza and my daughter Alia could be great friends. I'll have to show this post to Alia--I bet she'll want to make utensil-mommy, too.

    Catherine, your post about your boys was beautiful. I'd love to use it for a "Moments" piece on Power of Moms. That photo of them holding hands in the high chair is darling. All of it is. You are a treasure.

  5. Corinna - "letting our souls dangle" - I love that. What's the source? We've been "mellowing" (as you said) this week and it does feel good, doesn't it?

    Michelle - We'll see what she comes up with next. She loved standing next to me while I typed out her instructions. This will be good for us to do together.

    Anne Marie - Thanks dear friend. We're away and it's warm and life couldn't be better.

    April - You are more than welcome to use my post on the boys for POMs. Once we finish editing the book I'll get myself in gear again and resume writing a regular something for the site. Sorry that has fallen off the wagon lately.

  6. Cute!! Lizzie can't wait to get started!

  7. You didn't mention the part where you stab your sister with the fork. Or maybe that's just how the directions would go at our house.

  8. i have a little girl just like that. they are fun. (and messy.)

    your girls are GORGEOUS. so i guess it's ok to be messy.

  9. Jennie - Oh yeah. That could definitely happen at our house. I think this time around it was a tug of war over the tape dispenser. You make me laugh.

    Brooke - Messy. Yes. But fun. BTW, I've been meaning to email you this picture of our baby doll cradles. Remember your daughter's box? Well one week after Christmas one of my girls came crashing down onto hers and bam. No more cradle. Instead, she found a box. And it's doing the trick perfectly. Hold out. And stick with the box! ;)

  10. Hi Cathy, it's just a saying, so I don't actually know the source. Love that post about the birthday prayer!

    So long,


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