Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Painting Spring

It's raining again (yes, again) and the air is cold. Honestly, Spring can't decide if it is coming or going. A month ago, we sat at the kitchen table and watched the rain-slash-sleet-slash-snow pour down - mourned the fact that we hadn't had a warm day in weeks. So we decided to paint Spring. Watercolor it right onto our papers where we could see it.

Usually the girls paint alone while I rinse dishes, vacuum, pick up toys. But on this day? I wanted to join them. I deliberately ignored the messy kitchen and sat down. I needed to make something.

I mixed colors, tried to envision our fruit tree in the front yard and how it would look in full bloom, snow still gracing the mountain behind it.


My Grandmother (a talented painter) would have given me some pointers - guided my brush and encouraged me to hint more. She wouldn't have laughed when I did. I know it looks elementary. But who cares? The process was so rejuvenating. All of a sudden I had made something out of nothing. Something I could see.

Eliza painted this flower. She called it "Sun Rose Beautiful."


Ali painted this piece and called it "Flower Power."


And Sami painted this one. "Flower Power (2)" - maybe we'll work on a series.


When I finished my scene - the view from our kitchen window - I held it back. It was disproportionate and awkward, but it was mine. And I was pleased. Why don't I do more of this? I thought.

Some of you do. You quilt, you stitch, you make jewelry, you reupholster, you paint (and not like I paint). You take amazing photos, you organize and decorate. I'm blown away by your talent.

It's been a long time since I made something with my hands - besides words on a screen. And it felt good.

"The desire to create is one of the deepest human yearnings of the soul... Everyone can create. You don't need money, position, or influence, to create something of substance or beauty. We develop ourselves and others when we take unorganized matter and mold it into something of substance." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

What have you been creating?

(Please tell me you don't have to "paint spring" where you are. Seriously! It's almost June!)


  1. Cath,
    We must have both been thinking about creating trees!!!!!! Too funny. Check out my latest gift number 14.
    I loved your post about love so much, I was wondering if I could use it as one of my gifts? WIll you be a guest blogger on my blog? hee, hee.

  2. Mel - That is funny. We were definitely thinking on the same wavelength. Your tree of life necklace is beautiful! I like the wuthering heights look - all craggy and such. You are blessed with a good friend. And of course, I would be honored to "guest post" on your blog. ;) xo

  3. What a lovely idea...painting spring. You clearly have artistic talents in that sweet, simple rendering of a tree, and I have deeply admired the gift you have with words. No need to look for spring here...unless you count looking forward to next spring...our spring comes so early here, and then summer sits and covers us for months, but I really don't mind most of the time...the sun seems to warm me up.

    Happy Anniversary, Cath! I am hoping that you have a good day in June when the stars align and people are healthy and you can have some good celebrating. The flowers and cake look beautiful. And, your husband is right...your kids are the very best gift of all...darling all of them. My husband and I virtually never buy each other gifts for holidays...definitely not our love language! And, we've had plenty of anniversaries and Valentine's Days when we've looked at each other and said, "another day for the joy".

    Hope the mammogram's results are all normal...ugh! And, I really hope you are all healthy soon. I am always amazed how much something as simple as a cold can take so much out of a household.

  4. Anne Marie - We could use some sun to "warm us up" around here. Texas is sounding mighty fine these days. And thank you SO much for this line, "another day for the joy." I am going to write it in my daily planner. What a healthy and beautiful perspective. Can't thank you enough for that one! xo

    Kristen - And I think your songs are fabulous. xo


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