Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Twinspin - Seeing Double

We're having a vision problem at our house. Just a little phenomenon that will resolve itself soon. But for now, it is cracking me up!

Read carefully. It can get confusing.


When I hold Spencer up to the mirror and ask "Who's that?" he says, "Gordy-Gordy."


If I hold Gordon up to the mirror and ask, "Who's that?" he says, "Gordy-Gordy."


But if I point to Spencer and ask Gordon, "Who's that?" He says, "Gordy-Gordy."

Mmmm... yeah. Not quite.

Basically, the boys think their reflection is their twin. And they seem to know only one twin's name. Gordon's. Probably because "Gordy" is the easier name to say.

For several months now, they've been calling each other "Gordy-Gordy." Spencer coined the nickname. It's "Here Gordy-Gordy" when they share snacks. (Imagine sharing a snack with yourself. Just a little odd.) Or when they find something that belongs to the other they yell, "Gordy-Gordy! Shoes! Gordy-Gordy!" Even if the shoes belong to Spencer.

When I say their individual names, they respond. They know their names, but when it comes to verbalizing who's who, they're stuck on "Gordy-Gordy." I've only heard them say "Spencer" once. And it was Gordon who said it. Spencer has yet to say his own name.

This video was the first time I put them in front of mirror together. It's our "hair salon" mirror. (More salon pics below.)

The reaction was pretty funny. They were dancing and making all sorts of faces at themselves as they banged the mirror. So I ran to get the camera.

You're about to see the only time I've heard Gordon say "Spencer." Listen carefully and you'll hear Spencer call himself "Gordy-Gordy" as he almost falls off the table.

Here's Le Salon Arvy downstairs.


The girls love this. The boys tolerate it. But for a few minutes they're genuinely entertained.


Spencer fought hard for control over the spray bottle. When he got it, he turned the barrel on himself and squeezed. Whoosh!

Funny enough, the boys aren't the only ones suffering from double vision.


Their little 2 year-old cousin walked past them the other day at Grandma's house and said. "Hi Gordon. Hi Gordon." I laughed out loud.

Poor Spencer. I hope he doesn't have an identity crisis some day.

And one last "twin-thingy." I happened upon this darling board book last month.


It's cleverly non-gendered. Could be boy twins or girl twins. You decide. (I promise it's not weird. It's well-done.) And all four of my twins have loved reading it.

So do you have same-gender twins? And did (or do) they "see double?"


  1. these little boys are adorable. xox

  2. My sisters in law are identical twins -- and my kids can not keep them apart, even my oldest one (13) will call both them by the name of the twin she meets first, and not be able to get it straight for the rest of the day... My husband and his brother are twins also, but not identical. I had to chuckle though, when my son was born and my mother in law kept saying he looked just like my brother in law: "Hey, don't start any rumors here, ;-)".

    So long,

  3. I am a lurker of your blog, I love the way you write and your kids are darling.
    I had to laugh when I read this post. My boy/girl twins had a similar problem when they were about 1 1/2. When they looked in a mirror they said the other twins' name. Pretty funny when they have very distint boy/girl names!
    Now at 2 1/2 they know exactly who they are and they think it is hilarious if I mix up their names. Or, heaven forbid, I give Isaac a pink cup and Grace a blue cup...

  4. Those boys are absolutely scrumptious! Love their little, cute voices and the "salon".

    My boys had such severe speech delays that I don't think they were even trying to say their names at that was still "uh" and pointing for anyone or anything. Then, I think we confused them because we used their nicknames far more often than their real names. Ian told his teacher at the beginning of their preschool year that he wished his name was "Bubble Gum" (one of his nicknames). Thankfully, after 18 months of speech therapy (and lots more book time with Mama), they eventually conquered most of their speech delays.

    I think the name Gordy-Gordy is darling. It's so funny that they call each other that! I do think there is this very cool twin team mentality.

  5. Cath-those little guys, Gordy and Gordy ;) are SOOOOO cute! I love their super blonde hair and their cute little necks!!! I only wish Jason was closer so he could play with them too, they could be quite the little gang of trouble running around!

  6. beautiful boys. I don't think my twins ever did that. Their friends would call both of them Gwenyth because she is the more dominant one. Do you get them mixed up? They look so identical.

  7. They are so precious! Neither of my sets are identical, so we have never had that problem! How do YOU tell them apart? I know a mama always "knows", but just curious what their little differences are!

  8. Cristie - xo you too.

    Corinna - what a funny story! I'm interested to see if our boys get harder or easier to tell apart. Lately, they're getting harder (for most people). Even Doug and I have to do a double-take now and then.

    Adrienne - So glad you commented. Your post (so similar) was hilarious! Boy/Girl twins and still the name confusion! But when they're with each other all the time, how can we blame them? You have a darling family! I hope you'll chime in again.

    Anne Marie - Oh my. I had no idea you'd been through such a journey with your boys. How incredible. You're a good mama to spend so much time reading with them. And the "Bubble Gum" story is a stitch! I agree with your twin team concept. Very real. Once again, I wish you weren't states away!

    Hillary - Yes. I was watching video of Jason on your blog. He is so cute! And it would be so fun for them to play together. We are really missing you guys!

    Kristen - Hmmm... using the dominant one's name. Now that's interesting. Some of Ali and Sami's friends still get them mixed up. But they haven't been consistent with one name. As for Spence and Gordy, most people tell them apart a few ways: 1 - Hair and head shape. Spencer is rounder. 2 - Eyes. Can't really say what it is. They're just different. 3 - Spencer has a scar on his forehead. And yes, if I'm not looking closely, I've been known to mix them up on occasion.

    EKW - The boys also have a few personality differences. Gordon is a little more aggressive. And he talks in a gruffer voice. Although they seem to be looking more alike as they get older, you're right, "a mama always knows." Sure hope you're doing well!

  9. My nine month old identical twin boys are not old enough to say their names, but I have often wondered if they have realized that they are looking at themselves when they are looking in the mirror. I am asked all the time how I tell my boys apart. It is hard for me to say what features make my boys different. As a mom, you really do just know. To me they look different. I thought it was very interesting that you mentioned their eyes. If I were to point out one difference it would be the eyes too, but like you I can not explain what it is about them. I have come to believe that it is because it is through the eyes that we really see someone and there are different little spirits looking back at me through those two sets of eyes.

  10. Your little boys are so scrumptious. I love the video; I love them. It was an absolute pleasure spending time with them the other day (as always).

    xoxo, m


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