Monday, August 22, 2011


Two is big.

Two years old. Two candles for each. And two parents, who exchange a look that says twenty-four months of words and work, as two towheads sidle next to each other and puff out flames.


Reaching that second birthday is like coming out of a mountain tunnel - the kind with windows every few hundred feet. In the tunnel you can stop and gaze a bit, catch a glimpse of the outside world as you whiz past, but basically, you just have to keep moving - blinders on. After age two, however, you emerge from the tunnel. You might not be able to see very far around the next bend, but you are keenly aware of the sunlight, the view, the reality that there are other cars around you. It's nice being outside the tunnel. The intensity level drops a notch, and you have a better idea of where you've been, where you are going.

Spencer and Gordon are changing fast, surprising me with a full sentence now and then, running so quickly I have to hoof it to catch up with them. But they still wrap their arms around my legs while I cook dinner. Still snuggle onto my shoulder at bedtime. (I hope we have a long while yet with that one.)


We invited our parents over to celebrate the boys' birthday with us. Simple fare. Cake and ice cream. A few presents.


I love this picture, even though it's blurry. It looks like they're sharing a secret - whispering something giddy. The smile on Gordon's face makes me laugh.


The whole evening was a flurry of little feet, blond curls zipping by, paper flying. I could hardly catch them on film.


I haven't decided what to call this phenomenon yet - when two sets of twins comes in handy. But it's great. Both boys have a built-in helper, ready to assist with the unwrapping of any and all gifts.


I bought both boys their own train. Spencer for Spencer. Gordon for Gordon. Cute, but I had an ulterior motive that trumped the cute factor. Both trains "talk." They say, "I'm Spencer" and "I'm Gordon." I was hoping the trains would rub off on the boys - help them solve their double vision problem - the one where both boys call themselves "Gordy-Gordy."

The trains may have worked their subconscious magic. (Probably not.) But two months later, the problem has begun to fix itself. Gordon now calls Spencer, "Bence" and Spencer calls himself "Me." I think we're moving in the right direction.


Doug's parents gave the boys this tunnel. It was an instant hit. Here's Gordon swishing his way through.

Gordon is the bigger tease of the two. If the boys are tussling on the floor, you can almost guarantee Gordy started it. Sometimes I walk through the living room and glance over to find one blondie sitting on the back of the other blondie. Again, Gordon. But I'm learning it's his way of showing love. And he's got a crush on his sisters. Especially Sami. He adores her, comes into her room to see what she's doing - to find out if she wants to play. I think he'd follow her to the ends of the earth. Or at least the neighborhood.

Gordy gives me quick, happy kisses, has the most contagious giggle, and can repeat everything we say. (Yes, scary.)


Sweet Spencer has a softer touch. When I feel small arms hug my leg, I know it's Spencer. If someone circles my neck, rests their head against mine, it's Spence. He gives the tightest bear hugs. Just because. He is quick to forgive and willing to help. This morning he helped me sort darks from lights and picked up stickers off the floor. Sometimes at night, while I'm singing him a song, he plays gently with my hair, picks it up, then let's it fall limp out of his fingers.

I adore them both. Their personalities are beginning to rise out of their twosome-ness, making them strong, separate individuals. Brothers with a tight bond.


Gordy laughing with my Mom.


Playing ball with Poppa Jim.


I hope me 'ol legs can keep up with these boys for the next sixteen years or so. Doug and I will be 54 when they graduate from high school. Geesh.

Go easy on us boys. Happy Birthday bubbas. xo


  1. I remember the feeling when my oldest one turned two -- it was indeed like coming out of a tunnel. The first two years (and the following 11 up until now) were a lot of fun, and I enjoyed them a lot, but it was also a very good feeling, when all of a sudden she wanted to do things by herself -- think of all the freedom for the two of us, ;-).

    My two youngest ones peeked over my shoulder when I was reading this post and compliment you on the cake. I think that might have set a new standard in our house as well, ;-).

    So long,

  2. Oh computer took me to another screen when I went to post my comment, and I fear it has disappeared!

    No worries. I just wanted to tell you, congrats! I also really enjoy the photos that capture their curly blonde hair and cute little feet/toes. Sometimes we don't notice and think to take photos of those things that we see every day...but these photos just remind me that I need to get the camera out more, and capture those things, that might not be there in a few years time.

    By the way, I totally forgot that Spencer and Gordon were the engine names as well! How cool!

  3. I love that our kids are so close in age, I can so easily relate to everything here. P turned 2 last month and the vocabulary and personality just starts shooting out of them, it is so much fun (most of the time) to watch. I love the twin helpers, so much fun!

  4. such adorable little boys!

    i was 56 when sis are going to have years and years of fun with these little guys. xox

  5. i love everything you write and express. congrats on making it out of the tunnel. it's amazing how the view continue to change through each hill and valley. i miss you.

  6. Gorgeous post, photos and words both.

    Congratulations on making it through the tunnel!

  7. A big happy birthday to your two sweet boys! They're just as precious as can be. I adore their curly heads, and the picture of the two of them seemingly sharing a secret is just darling.

    I really can relate to the tunnel analogy. Congratulations on reaching the two-year mark! That is a serious milestone for a mom of twins, especially when you've had a double helping of them:)

    I am so glad your boys are still snuggly. Cuddling with little ones is one of my very favoritest parts of being a mama. My twinners still like to sit on my lap and soak up the love.

    Those talking trains are such a cute idea. Spencer and Gordon are names that fit so well together.

    Wishing you a lovely week. I'm adjusting to having ALL my kids in school and will write about it soon. xoxo

  8. They are just precious. Those blond curls are so sweet! Congrats on making it to the two year mark! The tunnel - so true, so true.

  9. Corinna - lest you think I'm a cake-baker extraordinaire... we bought that one. Maybe I'll try my hand at the pastry bag next year. ;)

    Mika - "I need to get the camera out more, and capture those things, that might not be there in a few years time." So true. Writing/blogging is a good motivator for me - to remember to freeze those moments we will inevitably miss. Hope you are healthy now!

    Shells - how are you getting settled? We got your change of address. Are you missing your English home? I too love that our children match up so well in age. Love you.

    Cristie - you assuage my heart. 56 and so young - so radiant. I won't be as graceful in my 50s as you, but I can always hope for a little blue scooter, right?

    Kara - "the view continues to change through each hill and valley" - so wise. That dynamic view is a beautiful thing isn't it? Miss you too my dear friend.

    Kellie - Yes, for some reason, breaking out of the tunnel feels like a big milestone. Always love hearing from you.

    Anne Marie - "double helping" - lol. I have to remember that one. I'm so glad your boys still cuddle with you. Gives me hope that we have a few more years of "soaking up the love" as you put it. Want to hear about your "new life" with all the kids in school. Yes, please write about it! And a lovely week to you too sweet friend,

    Michelle - love you.

  10. I'll be 54 too! Hanging on to every nanosecond in the meantime. My youngest started pre-school on Wednesday. I shed a brief tear and then went on my lonely way to Costco!

  11. oh cath!! i can't believe your boys are two . . . where does the time go?? they are so darling, i love reading about your celebration and the sweetness of doing things double. Love the Spencer & Gordon trains:)


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