Monday, November 14, 2011

Blessed be the Crib Tent

Even Super Boy, with his super toddler strength, can't bust out of the amazing crib tent. Even Super Boys (plural) who are more powerful than Thomas the Tank Engine and can leap tall piles of couch cushions in a single bound are no match for its genius design.

Peace has been restored to our thriving metropolis. It's been over a week now, and the boys have napped every day, without a single hiccup. I am a kinder, gentler Mommy. And the world has been tipped back to its appropriate axis.

All because of the blessed crib tent.


Truly - whoever you are that created the crib tent - I will praise your name forevermore.

Thirteen days after the boys "gave up" their nap (backstory here), a box from Amazon arrived via UPS. I could have kissed the man in brown pants as he left our doorstep because inside that long slender box, were two crib tents. I had no choice but to be optimistic. I'd tried everything else. This had to work.

I opened the boxes and began assembling them, but my boys kept walking off with the rods. So I called my parents and they came over to help. My Mom read books to the kids while my Dad and I (mostly my Dad - thanks Dad) put up the tents. It was mid-afternoon when we finished (late for nap time) but there was no question, I was putting those boys down.


We prepped Spence and Gordy, told them how fun their tents were going to be. And when the girls saw the tents, they told their brothers, "Ohhhh. You're so lucky! We wish we had a crib tent to sleep in!" (Thanks for the tip about presentation Kara. You were SO right.)

I snuggled the boys for a bit, slid them into the tents, and zipped those babies shut. In less than three minutes, all was quiet in the boys' bedroom. They were out cold.

Silence isn't just golden, sometimes it's a miracle.

The next day when nap time rolled around I couldn't find Spencer. To my surprise, he had already climbed into his tent, snuggled into his mamie, and was waiting for a song.


The velcro on these things is intense. It's everywhere. And I'm not talking about two pieces of velcro pressed together. I'm talking about velcro straps pulled through button holes, wrapped around twice, then reinforced with another piece of velcro. While my Dad was strapping the first tent into place he said, "This was the invention of one desperate mother."

No doubt her buyers are desperate mothers too.


Doug taught the boys how to velcro their Star Wars figures into the straps, so they can be rescued from Vader and save the galaxy. Poor Luke looks like he'll need rotator cuff surgery after this adventure.


Here's a side view, in case you want to see how the tents work. It's just like a camping tent, with netting on all four sides. You slip the entire thing into your crib, then slide the mattress in on top and it holds the tent taut. Bonus feature? Binkies don't fall between the crib slats anymore!


Daily naps of 2-3 hours are back. Bedtime at 8 PM is smooth and happy. I'm not worried about midnight wanderers or dressers being pulled over. And boy was it nice to put the roll of twine away.

Super Boy and Super Boy are eating their dinners again. Rather than squashing their veggies with their thumbs and wailing over the fact that their bowl is the wrong color.

Life is good.

If you want to see some video as to how the tents work, watch below. I laughed when I viewed this a few minutes ago. While asking the boys questions, I got an echo response every time. One from each boy. And I think Ali was serious when she walked in whining for her own tent. They make for pretty cool sleeping quarters.

Blessed be the Crib Tent. (Here's the brand I bought on Amazon.)

And thanks to all of you who told me the tents were worth trying. I could kiss you too!


  1. Amazing! If I had only known of such a thing when my kids were toddlers...

    So glad you are able to reclaim naptime!!

  2. Oh blessed day! There is nothing that makes life worse than more than one cranky un-napped baby!!

  3. I love it! The video is awesome! I'm so glad that it worked! :)

  4. I agree - they are a miraculous invention. One I can't live without. Glad your life is a little more sane.

  5. Oh I am so happy for you. My DIL has had them for their twins for many months now and what a blessing. They have restored peace to the kingdom!

  6. I laughed my way through this whole post Cath! Especially at your father's comment-what a desperate mother will invent! SO glad you have your naps need that time more than anyone for sure! Twin boys-just the thought exhausts me!

  7. Our family home evening was about your scripture study tips and then we came here for a good laugh. Your babies are so adorable.

  8. Cath, I am SO happy that the crib tents worked! What a miracle for you and your boys. Well-rested toddlers make everything better. I love the Luke action figure velcroed to the crib. Ha! I love listening to your voice on the much sweetness and love in those mama's words. Wish I lived closer to listen to you in real life. xo

    "Stuff and nonsense" (in Marilla Cuthbert's words) about the package. Seriously! Your love and words are more than enough for me.

    I just read Michelle's comment and am now wondering about your scripture study tips. Do you think you could maybe consider doing a post, friend? I'd love to hear more. If not a post, maybe a quick e-mail when you get a chance.

  9. Yay for you! If only we still had our cribs, I might try it even now. My girls are going through weepy spells at dinnertime again...

  10. That is the best thing that I have ever seen. Naps are religion at our house, and anything that promotes them, is a sacred artifact. I am so glad to know it exists.

  11. Melissa - I wish you'd had them then too! I have a feeling most of the glitches on the tent have been worked through by now. It has saved the day here. Loved seeing you last week. xo

    Cindy - "more than one cranky un-napped baby" - oh you speak from a place of knowing, my friend.

    Deb - me too! You can borrow ours if there comes the day when Michael escapes. ;)

    Mimi - thanks for adding your vote for the crib tent. I love you!

    Grandma Honey - it was your daughter's videos that convinced me it was worth a try. THANK YOU for posting those links!

    Kristen - "Long Live" is right!

    Sarah - don't underestimate the desperate mother, right? ;) xo

    Michelle - You make me smile. xoxo

    Anne Marie - yes, I wish we lived closer too! As for the scripture study tips, I am working on a post for Segullah. Hopefully it will go up sometime next week. Just a few things that have changed how I approach my study time - an understanding that has filtered into all parts of my life - softened it, centered it. I'm excited to share it with you. Your "stuff and nonsense" quote made me laugh. You're exactly right. That's just what Marilla would say. xoxo

    Tricia - Oh... weepy spells at dinner... it's so painful. Prayers that you can endure the transition out of naps. It's a hard one.

    Candice - "sacred artifact" - no doubt! xo

    Kara - Your vote for the tents, plus your insight on spinning it for the positive was priceless. Truly. Thanks Kara!

  12. ps - Michelle - I wonder every day how Mary houdini-ed her way out. Pretty remarkable. :)

  13. I'm so glad I am not the only one who is putting off the toddler bed :) naptime is EVERYONE'S happy time! Poor Mason was so traumatized by the one time he fell out of the crib he doesn't even try to get out anymore. Bliss. Gordon and Spencer are so adorable and look like so much fun. I'm pretty sure Mason would love to have them as little buddies...oh the mischief they could all achieve together.

  14. Oh man.

    So worth every penny.

    So glad all is back to normal again.

  15. We had this exact scenario about 6 months ago. My boys learned to climb out and open their bedroom door the same week. I too felt that it was a safety issue (and a sleeping one!) I did a little happy dance on my front porch when my amazon box came:) We even bought the pack n play version for vacations-worth every penny!

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