Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inclined to Joy


The last stack of these went out yesterday... late. But it was the best I could do after our printer went berserk and left black splotches all over the envelopes. Doug spent hours trying to get our mail merger to stop leaving extra zeros on the zip codes. So we finally voted for printing sticker labels. Doug manually deleted all the extra zeros (bless his heart). Then together, we pressed addresses, stamped red hearts, and off they went to the post man.


For us, sending cards is about remembering all those people we love, seeing each of their names on our list as we stamp and seal. Those names have blended into ours, become part of who we are.

It's been a good run these last twelve months. Crib tents, hair cuts, Disney, my mom's health, one thousand gifts... and disasters. But all in all, William Blake is right. True love, deep love, when we let it take over and push everything else that is holding us back out of the way, is always inclined to joy.

Sending you love (albeit a day late) for Valentine's Day. I may not have sent you a card, but I hope you know how much I appreciate your comments and time here. It means a great deal to me that you stop in, and I always find comfort in your words.


(A special shout-out to Michelle for the photo and design on our card. Love you M.)


  1. Likewise, whenever I read your blog it is a comfort to me. You don't know me, but you a mother's inspiration. Have a happy day!

  2. Before I got to the end of the post, I thought "this photographer has a very Michelleish look". Isn't it amazing what a distinct, awesome style she has?! Love your card. So beautiful. ♥

  3. Hi Catherine! I MISS YOU! You're children have grown so much!! They are adorable!! All is well here! We are in the Fair Oaks ward. Have been for almost three years now. Terry works for Boeing now instead of Raytheon and LOVES IT! I'm doing stampin' Up! and loving it! Take good care and keep in touch!! LOVE YOU! December

  4. Cath,

    Your Valentine's card made my day! What a darling family. John loved seeing all of you and kept commenting about how cute your kiddos are. They are so lucky to have you and Doug. Sure love you! Ash Richards

  5. Absolutely beautiful, Cath. You have such a sweet, darling family. I love Eliza's laughing face in the picture of the kiddos. xo

    Anne Marie

  6. Western Warmth - you are king. Thanks for the comfort comment. ;)

    Elizabeth - xo - I want to bring my kids to Rock Canyon and see you one day this summer.

    Blue - Ah, of course you would know "the M-heart" look. xo

    December - What fun to hear from you and get a short update! Love hearing about Terry's job change and the things that are filling your life. You sound happy and that makes me glad. We love you too!

    Ash - Love seeing you on Tuesdays. Thanks for talking "twin" with me - you totally get it with those darling irish twins of yours. xo

    Tracy - your blog is cracking me up. So glad we met!

    Anne Marie - this was the only picture of most everyone smiling. Michelle had to laugh when we were finished. We optimistically thought we'd get several good shots of them sitting on the wall or in front of the chicken coop. Nope. They were too busy and crazy to sit still. But in the end, I actually adore Eliza laughing - it's so her personality. I owe you an email, planning to do so beginning of next week. Hope you're healthy and doing well. Love you.

  7. Western Warmth - I meant kind, not king. Although you might just be king of your own domain there. ;) gotta love the typos.


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