Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An Unusual Anointing


There is only yes
when I see him
trundling onto the front porch,
two pair of shoes folded against his belly.

Put them on? he asks.
And my brother's too?
So we can play in the snow?


We haven't much.
Snow, that is,
but what we have will do.

So it is on with the coats
and the mittens
and the shoes

And out with us.


Onto the thin layer of blinding snow
where we examine a tumble of crystals
stacked gently on the tip of his blue mitten.

They are diamonds in the lens.
Tiny jewels of glory.


Kerplunk, kerplink, kersplash.
The boys toss handfuls of ice
into a small pool of run-off


and we are all laughter - our little trio -
as we dig, plunge, and stand beneath the drip -
mud skinning the knees of our jeans,
snow-melt anointing our heads.


All the world is crystalline, consecrated.
The drops on his forehead,
the sun glinting off the ground,
and my ribs, ready to crack wide


at the beauty of one fleck of snow,
and two pair of coldish red cheeks
that flame as I press them quick
between my hands.

A string of mild winter days have lulled us outside. Hoping your week is full of its own hallowed, every-day moments.


  1. "All the world is crystalline..."

    Beautiful post- I feel like I've just inhaled a breath of crisp winter air. And thanks for the book list- Too many I've never heard of!

  2. Cath, your writing is so beautiful. "tiny jewels of glory". Wow. You are able to see the holy and beautiful in your day. Thanks for sharing your moments here.

    It's been a bit of a "witch" week for me. So, today the everyday beauties I am grateful for are grace, forgiveness, and fresh starts.

    Thanks again for posting your book lists. I put some of them on hold yesterday, and it got me searching for some others too. Your post rekindled my desire to read with my boys. Our reading time has been more spotty of late.

    Love to you, especially as it looks like you've had sickness in your house and a husband out of town (peeking over at your gifts).

  3. Tricia and Anne Marie - thank you for saying something, anything. I ought not to spend less than a day on something more poetic, and then post it. A true poem deserves much more attention than this and I already noticed lots of rough spots, problems. So you are kind to comment at all. Tricia - what books are your girls liking these days?

    Anne Marie - I'm so sorry you've had a witch week. "today the everyday beauties I am grateful for are grace, forgiveness, and fresh starts." - I'm printing this out and posting it on my bathroom mirror. It's so easy to harangue ourselves over the less than graceful episodes. I do it far too often. I'm glad you are kind to yourself. I have to suffocate that perfectionist voice of mine sometimes and tell myself it's okay that our weeks are less than perfect. I love your goodness. Yes, I'm now over a brutal cold I had last week/end, and Doug is home. You're sweet to read my small list on the sidebar. Enjoy those minutes reading with your boys! xoxo

  4. Cath, your words are astounding. You pack so much emotion and imagery in such few words. You truly have a gift. I love that you are soaking in those moments that so easily can be lost in the hustle and bustle of life. I have to concentrate to see them! Love and miss you...

    1. Shelli - just wanted you to know how much your little note here meant to me. I love you.


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