Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Battle in Our Brains - Part 2

Remember this post? Well, I'm following up @ Segullah today. And sharing an invitation from the Mormon Women Project to hear Tina Peterson speak on the 29th. Click over for more details.Photobucket


  1. Hi Cath,
    this is completely off topic, but a few weeks ago you had a post about childrens' books, and when I was reading to my youngest daughter the other day, I thought you guys might enjoy these books:

    All my kids have loved them and we parents very much enjoyed reading them to them (given that my oldest one is 14, we've been reading them for years now, ;-)). Our favorites are Pancakes for Findus and Findus and the Fox.

    Granted, the pictures are loaded with all kinds of things, but they are really cool, we all love Pettersson and Findus and the stories are absolutely charming and full of the kind of relaxed warmness (is that a word?) that I really like about Swedish literature for children.

    So long,

  2. (The word I was looking for might have been warmheartedness, *ggg*)


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