Monday, June 4, 2012

Twinspin - Milestones and a Recall

Doug asked me yesterday if I meant to post last year's pictures of Eliza's birthday. Well, yes I did. Was that weird? Sorry if I threw you. But it was eating at me that I hadn't done anything with them yet. So now they're up. And forward we go.

School is finally out. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

Saturday night's dance recital capped off a busy week of lasts. Here are our little dancers.


Eliza danced to Golden Afternoon from Alice in Wonderland.


With her sweet friend, Caroline.


Ali in her sailor costume.

Apparently, on the Good Ship Lollipop, irises cost $4.99. A small detail I kept including in photos until Doug's mother gently turned the bouquet around. Thanks Renae.




We loved watching the girls perform. Ali was the Michael Jordan of dance. She performed half her tap number with her tongue out. And yesterday, they spent most the afternoon trading costumes and putting on a second show for their Dad.

Now... onto a few family milestones. Our trip down south proved progressive on several fronts. (More pics coming later.)

1. Booster seats

Before we left, we ordered booster seats for Ali and Sami. And may I tell you, snapping two five-point harnesses instead of four is sooooo nice! Driving carpool is a much more pleasant experience, and all the girls can finally buckle their own seat belts. Woot! Woot!

shaky iPhone photo

2. Language Evolution

Have you heard of twinspeak? Twins speaking their own language? One that only they can understand? Well we're seeing it at our house. And here's the beauty of it. They never stutter. In fact, we've had a few weeks now with very little stuttering. Having Doug around has given the boys extra attention and I think it has helped. The stuttering is likely to come and go, but of late I am very encouraged. Here's an iPhone video of them "speaking" their new language while we drove through southern Utah. Let me know if you can decipher anything.

3. First Official Family Hike

While hiking in Zion's National Park we did our first family hike. Meaning everyone walked the entire way. No one was bjorned or packed or strollered. All ten kiddos walked the 1.2 miles without even asking to be carried. Gordon led the pack, map and hand, telling us, "We just go up here. To the black letters. And turn right!" It was more than a milestone. It was a miracle. But of course, I forgot my camera.

A couple days later we hiked the Petrified Sand Dunes in Snow Canyon. And once again, the kids wowed us with their endurance. The boys loved climbing these huge rocks. It's a kids' hiking haven. We summited two "peaks" and here we are on the second. As you can see, Eliza didn't like slowing down for the picture.


4. "Kid Football"

Doug has taken up a new sport. It's good exercise, especially strengthens the biceps brachii muscles. Some have tried it as a team sport but passing proved injurious. So Doug has perfected it as an individual sport. The kids can play for hours. Doug? Not quite so long. Watch and learn.

Crib Tent Update

Now, on a more serious, even disconsolate, note...

I regret to inform you that the blessed crib tent has been recalled. While preparing for our trip I tried to order a smaller crib tent version for our pack n' plays. I hunted and hunted but couldn't find them anywhere. Even the regular sized crib tents were no longer available from retailers. I couldn't figure it out.

Then I got the email. All crib tents have been recalled, due to a child death by strangulation. I know. The incident report was horrifying to read. Between January 1997 and April 2012, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is aware of 27 tent failures, including one fatality. Apparently, the dome of the tent inverted, and trapped the child at the neck, causing serious brain damage. Another child suffocated. One death is too many, so Tots in Mind, the company who manufactured the crib tent, is no longer in business.

While I'm devastated for these families, I'm also sad for the families who will no longer have the option of buying a crib tent. I touted the crib tent as blessed for a reason.

Without tents on our trip, naptime for the boys flew out the window. Trying to get them to sleep was impossible. And even go-downs at night were exhaustive. We weathered it alright, but to return to those crib tents nine days later was like landing on a soft, heavenly cloud. I didn't have to worry about them climbing out and pulling the dresser over on themselves (true story - Spencer pulled the dresser over onto Gordon). They just nestle down into their tents and go to sleep.


Our experience with crib tents has been that they are successful and safe.

The reality is that putting a child on a bike and sending them down the street is a risk. Toddlers can choke on small toys or pennies, kids can climb out of car seats, fall off swings, break their neck on a trampoline. My Dad, who has been a ER doc for years, even had one small boy get a match box car wedged up his nose. Should we recall bikes and swings and toys with small parts and trampolines and match box cars? I know my argument is fallible. But the truth is, there's a risk with almost everything.

Crib tents have protected my boys, rather than caused harm. And I will go to my grave feeling grateful we were able to buy our tents before the recall.

Gordon with all his "friends" and favorite cars, ready for a nap.

So now you have the facts. Out of due diligence I had to tell you, seeing I had espoused the crib tent so strongly.

But if any of you twin moms would like to put your crib tents on the black market for some other twin mom to borrow or have, you're more than welcome to do so here. I jest. (Sort of.) Truthfully, I hope someone will be able to use ours when we're done with them.

So does the recall affect you? And what about milestones? Have you had any lately?

p.s. Next post I'll talk about our summer plan, share some ideas I put together with the help of friends at Power of Moms.


  1. Sorry to hear about the recall. We never used them.

    Our big milestone is we got the kiddos their first big bed! They're sharing a full bed for the moment and they seem to have adjusted well (petunia initially cried when she noticed "cribby" missing but was happy to see the dolls and stuffies that she slept with). As for naps, they sleep downstairs now becos I don't trust them alone in their room yet (your stories of the kids pulling stuff out of their drawers stuck with me!)

    Our kiddos chatter away with each other but we haven't noticed twinspeak yet. Petunia is more verbal than Freddie but he's catching up.

    Sorry for the novel! I enjoy reading about your littlest kiddos - they're the same age as mine.

  2. your southern Utah trip looks dreamy. I can't wait to do one with my kids, maybe in the fall. Love hearing the boys language :)

    I'm so grateful I was able to use crib tents. It reprogrammed my twins brains. Instead of bedtime turning into making mischief, they knew they were stuck so the surrendered to their fatigue.

    Can't wait to see you soon!

  3. Kindly hang on to those Crib Tents for my boys in case we need them. Knock on wood, we are doing ok right now! :)

  4. Knit 1, Knit 2 - enjoyed the novel! ;) and a big bed is a huge milestone! yeah! glad it's going well. Have I told you I love your twins' names?

    Kristen - You were the catalyst behind our crib tents. Thank you, thank you. Looking forward to our outing with the kids!

    Em - So let it be written. So let it be done. xo

  5. I would not have survived the arrival of my twins without the crib tent. Our oldest decided to jump out of her crip at 19 months, when our twins were just 2 months old. The tent SAVED us! I was aware of the recall but so grateful to have our tents for future use. Blessed be the tent!

  6. I love seeing pictures of you. You radiate so much love and goodness.

    Southern Utah looks incredible. I am so happy to hear a little about your adventures there. Having all the kiddos do a family hike! Yes, they really are growing up.

    Your kids are just darling. It is such a blessing for them to all have each other. I love the happy sounds from your boys in the van.

    I hear you about the recall on the crib tents. It does seem a little extreme. There are indeed risks to absolutely everything! I'm glad they've worked such miracles for you.

    Milestones/changes for us? My oldest son will be starting high school this fall, along with early morning seminary (still not sure if this is more of a sacrifice for the parents or teens…it starts at 6 AM…gulp). We're currently doing a ton of home improvement projects. Tile is getting laid in 3 bathrooms as I type this. Unfortunately, we backed out of our contract on the house we were going to buy, after some issues came up during the home inspection, but we are still hoping to make it into that neighborhood eventually.

    Thank you for the peek into your life. Your kids are so blessed to have you. Wishing you a happy start to summer!

  7. Ummm, that video of Spencer's babble is pure awesomeness. Please don't ever get rid of that. Southern Utah makes the most beautiful vacation backdrop. Love it.

  8. In the car, on the mountain...every time I see pictures of ALL of your kids together, I stand in awe of what you do every day. And it seems like everything is recalled today...I think you are making the right decision for whatever that is worth!

  9. I love that video of the boys! Sadly, our girls have recently graduated from their twinspeak, but I still giggle at the memory.

  10. Gretchen - yes, glory be for the crib tent! You had three babes close together - very similar to our first three. Thanks for chiming in!

    Anne Marie - Oh, I'm so sorry the house didn't work out! I was thinking you might be all moved in by now. But happy your doing some upgrades in your current home. Sounds fun. And I'll be hoping for you the right home comes available at the right time. You're dear to take a minute here when life must be so crazy for you right now. Been meaning to tell you, my brother just moved from Malaysia, back to Houston and they bought a home in one of the suburbs. Maybe close to you? I'll have to find out. Love you friend!

    Liz - I agree. It is awesomeness. And I'm with you. Southern Utah is an incredible backdrop. The landscape still awes me. Every time.

    Sarah - Honey, right back at you. I think the same thing when I look at your children. You're mothering the great span. I'm mothering the great smoosh. ;) Hope you're feeling well! love you.

    Tricia - They graduated? Aw, I'll be sad when my boys give up some of these cute speech quirks. Sure hope you're doing well. Your girls always make me chuckle. xo

  11. I love that picture of you guys hiking. Such a simple snapshot of a very busy time. You look beautiful, Catherine. I found myself thinking about what your children will think, years down the road, when they look at that picture and see a young, vibrant, beautiful mother. I sometimes find myself thinking about stuff like that when I look our old family photos: my siblings and I growing up, my parents here and there. I feel like I know just a small inkling of what that family life is like, now --- how busy and full and thriving it is. And how, as children, we don't often get to know our parents as people. But walking the same journey makes you somehow feel intimately acquainted with them in a different way. What a lovely thing.

  12. Catherine you are absolutely amazing. Most days I feel like I can barely do one set of twins let alone two. I admire you for so many things. I have thought about emailing you but didn't want to bother you with y twin drama. I have some questions only an experienced twin mother can answer! What is the best way to reach you? Is it the email listed? Feel free to email me or call me and we can char. Otherwise I will just email you at your wildnprecious email! Hope I'm not being burdensome. You already have so much on your plate! or 801-755-7079.


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