Monday, July 16, 2012

It's a Small World

Talent is kind of like beauty. It's all in the eye of the beholder. And in our family it doesn't take much to impress.

So behold! rat-a-tat-a-rat-a-tat... (that would be a drumroll)

Our number for the Keddington family talent show!


There were cartwheels, leaps, the reverse worm (Sami's talent of choice - which looked suspiciously like a turtle flailing on its back), hoops, and some sliding/tossing. Whatever your skill, you belong in our talent show. We accept all levels of proficiency.

Would you believe our small but amazing family (said most facetiously) practiced quite a few times for this number? I should say tried to practice. Which means the kids rolled in the grass, rode stick horses to Timbuktu, and fought over the hula-hoop.

But we had a lot of fun.

Don't miss the audience dialogue (funny). And hang in there until the end. The finale is our favorite part. If you like the music, check out Montreal's singing sensation, Nikki Yanofsky. I totally dig her tunes.

More on our family reunion coming soon. In celebration of the London Games, my sister Sarah and her husband Lance, planned our first Keddington Olympics. It was a blast!

Random side note: Anyone else dying with the summer schedule? Putting kids to bed late, staying up late, peeling your face off the pillow in the morning? I_am_dragging.

But smiling.


  1. all this summer fun is making me drag too! I LOVED the finale! You guys are so cute.

  2. That was the cutest talent show event i have EVER seen. Good job guys!!!

  3. I watched your cute video with my two year-old sitting in my lap. When he saw your kids sliding through the hula-hoop he pointed at the screen and said, "I wanna go to dat place!" I think I'd better buy a hula-hoop! Looks like it was a fun night :)

  4. "send gordon over...the one on your lap." ha!

  5. That was soooo cute!! I loved the finale with the girls going down the slide through the hula hoop and of course the moving pyramid! You guys rock!!

  6. We cheered and clapped at your amazing finale. This video is priceless.

  7. You are TRUE Keddingtons. Need I say more? Loved every minute of it!

  8. Kristen - you too? I am pooped lately. I'm outlawing parties... until next week. ;)

    Elizabeth - it was a show, that's for sure! have been loving your summer activities. xo

    Melinda - who knew a hula hoop could be so much fun?? hope you are well my friend.

    Em - put a check in the mail to you yesterday! how did the double ear tubes go?? been thinking about you.

    Kara - ah, you're astute. yes, gordon went rogue on us and it took several siblings to get my dad's attention, help him identify gordon! hilarious.

    Angie - sure miss you girl! always love hearing from you.

    Michelle - I'm gathering the crew right now to watch My Fair Goalie. Can't wait!

    Mary - this is true. you should have seen Bec/Neil's number, and my Dad telling the story of Brer Rabbit and the Laughing Place. He was something else!

  9. Okay that was AWESOME! I love pyramids(ex-cheerleader here)! Also, OMG I hate to complain but Summer has done me in. Cooked. Done. xo

  10. That was SO GOOD!!! More videos please!

  11. Tracy - you would love the pyramid, wouldn't you? ;) and "cooked" is the perfect word. xo

    Grandma Honey - you're sweet. i'll see what we can do on the video arena. thanks so much for reading.


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