Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Need A Funny?

Here's a cartoon my friend Kara slipped me yesterday, in a venue not compatible with laughter. Of course, stifling my laughter only made me chortle louder.


Kara knows getting my girls up for school in the morning is like waking the proverbial dead. Sleeping them in their clothes has actually crossed my mind. But in the van? Now that's genius.

Oh.... sometimes life around here is way too serious, and if I don't step back and laugh, I'll slump into a corner and cry.

So I've officially declared September "National Acclimation Month" (I know my nation is miniscule and exists only under this roof). But next year I've got to remember that for an entire month (or longer) we will get nothing done besides acclimate to the new routine, figure out what in the world we're supposed to be doing, and how.

Unfortunately, October hasn't proved any more productive. But with events like Halloween, birthdays, and other charges I can't keep neglecting, I can either storm around the house feeling stressed, which does no one any good. Or glance around me at the chaos and laugh that I don't have time for anything but the basics.

I am choosing to laugh.

Four cans of pumpkin have been sitting on the counter for almost a week. Any day they think I'll crank them open to make the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I've been planning to bake for two weeks. Step 1? Buy pumpkin. At least we made it that far.

The boys have... (please place your hand over your heart for a moment of silence) stopped napping. Dread.

Evident by this charade:


Location? Gordy's crib tent (still in use). And what's all that crumpled paper, you ask? Ah... the remains of TWO NEW library books from the BRAND NEW library! Gah! I know, I know. I should have stuck with the rule - no books in bed.


Look at them! Pulverized. Obliterated. Not a single page left in either book! And guess what he's saying to me as I take this photo? 

"I still love you, Mommy." Little toad.

$43.60 later I am no longer an indentured servant of the Public Library System.


And guess who gnawed a hole through the top of his crib tent? Yep. The book muncher. Looks like a mug shot, doesn't it? Hard to be mad when he smiles so sweetly at me with those big 'ol browns.

I am so sad to see the crib tents go, but you know what? We got an extra year of afternoon naps with those contraptions! Remember my S.O.S.? So lucky we snagged them before the recall. Now, alas, the day has come. Big boy beds by Christmas.

Need a couple other funnies?


One night at dinner I noticed Triceratops had been put to clever use. Impaling cucumbers.

And a few weeks ago Eliza's front tooth was looking awfully loose. She'd been wiggling it for days. So I tucked this note into her lunch box.


She came home, glowing. Tooth in hand. Courtesy of the tether ball at recess. (She didn't see it coming.) 


I could see that hole in her smile half way down the street.

Over the weekend, I noticed her shimmy into the bathroom with a bin of markers. Couldn't figure out what she was doing in there with the door closed. But I was getting ready to leave for the evening, so I didn't pursue the questioning. Five minutes later... Elphaba appeared. 


Scared the tar out of me. Thank heavens for Crayola Washables. 

And I have to include this picture because my Dad is the King of Funnies. And I love how happy he is here with his grandkids, celebrating his 65th birthday.



I had a whole post drafted this week about autumn stillness, and how we've been trying to breathe it in. But our mouse died a couple days ago. Went into shock, really. With sporadic episodes of revival. The spastic nature of said mouse put me into tech frustration, which led to screen deprivation. Which was both maddening and liberating all at the same time.

Thankfully, Doug made an emergency trip to the Apple store today, and we're back to mousing with ease. But I haven't the depth of spirit to work on anything soulful tonight. 

Just a few weeks left until Doug is finished with fall deadlines. I am mighty lonesome for that man. We're sharing plenty of happy moments, the six of us. But nothing about life is as full or whole when he is away. The occasional sighting of Daddy makes the kids giddy, me grateful. Grateful he has work, can work, and is lonesome for us when he works this much.

He's home now, so I'm off to recount the day. Tell him how Spencer took off his diaper in the backyard this afternoon and spent a good ten minutes swinging in his birthday suit until I could reapply his clothing. 

Funnies are good medicine.


  1. Funnies are good. I LOVED Baby Blues when my boyos were still that little - spoke directly to my soul and funny bone.

    Hope October treats you more kindly than September. Love you.

  2. Such funny insights. I'm so that that you manage to laugh about these things, Cath.

  3. Kellie - Baby Blues does speak the language of life with littles, doesn't it? I received your wonderful, thoughtful gift a couple days ago. Can't wait to delve into A Town Like Alice. You are the dearest soul. Thank you for thinking of me and for sending kind wishes over so many ocean miles. Love to you.

    Liz - I write so we can laugh now. And later, right? How's the early bedtime going? xo

  4. Loved the funnies. And the tether ball knocking out the tooth? Perfect. I love the marker witch. Now you have one costume down for Halloween. Ethen is still sporadically napping, so hopefully you will have two or three days a week left of the precious nappies. Hope you can get some stillness in November!

  5. Laughter really is the only way to deal with the daily insanity of life! You are doing so much good in the world. You are a blessing to those sweet kids. They are so lucky to have you. Love you. I finally e-mailed as I have promised for so long. You have been in my thoughts. xoxo

  6. Well, you can either laugh or cry. I had that thought this afternoon when I realized that I had accidentally purchased six more months on a dating website through an autorenewal feature. Maybe it's a sign from God that I'll meet someone, but most likely it's a sign that I need to keep better track of my credit card bill.

    Mornings are the worst. My oldest was impossible to wake up for both first and second grade. Now she's in fourth grade and wakes herself up, gets herself dressed and fixes her own breakfast. It's magical. Except that her younger brother is now in first grade and takes forever to get going in the morning. Sigh--I just can't win.

  7. All hilariousness!! Some of them only when looking back I suppose, but still.... I am a firm believer in laughing. It really is the best medicine!

    Love you!!

  8. Thank you for my morning giggles. xoxo

  9. We moved our twin boys to big beds 2 months ago (they were just shy of 3 1/2) and it went surprisingly well (after the first 3-4 nights) and blessing of all blessings they will still take naps 2-3 times a week in their big beds. I just started reading chapter books to them while they are in bed and within 10 minutes they can't keep their eyelids open. We had ziptied about a million holes in their crib tents, it was time:)

  10. Shir - oh you give me hope for the occasional nap! Miss you guys.

    Anne Marie - looking forward to reading your emails and responding. Saving them for a quiet moment when I can take them in and hear about your life. You, as always, are a blessing to me. xoxo

    Jess - I'm going with the sign from god! :) So we'll outgrow the morning zombie phase? Oh that's so encouraging... thanks for your comment sweet lady.

    Deb - You are the queen of laughing in tough moments. I learn from you. Love you sista.

    Tracy - hugs to you. Your posts always make me giggle. :)

    TaylorClan - ziptied a milliion holes? Oh I am laughing. Your comment makes me hopeful we'll survive the transition. Chapter books (even at this age) is brilliant. Thanks so much for the tip!

  11. Ugh, we switched our b/g twins to big beds a month ago and it was horrible. I don't know how your girls did, but I think it's our son that gets our daughter into the wild playing. Makes me dread (a lot) going through it again but with twin BOYS next time. Naps were abysmal. We went back to separating them for naps and peace is restored. Good luck!!


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