Thursday, October 25, 2012

Poetry for All Hallows' Eve

My siblings and I grew up on bits and pieces of poetry my Dad had memorized. We loved his proverbs, his pithy sayings, his rhymed couplets, and made-up words. One of our favorite poems, however, was his spooky rendition of Robert Service’s tale, The Cremation of Sam McGeeHe could quote it word for word – all fifteen verses – with animation, prolonged vowels at the most suspenseful places, and an occasional sinister laugh under his breath. We would sit there, rapt, looking up at his muted grin, watching his eyes glint and flash as his whole body told the story...


More at Segullah today. Including two of my favorite Halloween poems to share with your children.
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  1. My brother used to quote The Cremation of Sam McGhee to me. Imagine my suprise when Dave could do it as well. By then, it was destined to be. He said it just the other day to the kiddos.

  2. I love that poem too....for all the reasons you just said! I love to hear Dad recite it and whenever I hear or read the words, I also hear Dad's voice! I love it! Happy Halloween :)


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