Thursday, February 14, 2013

Celebrate Love

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Sami posted this note on the refrigerator Monday. 

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Translation: "On Valentine's we celebrate Love!"

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So today, we are sending lots of love to you and yours. 

It made me happy to stamp and seal stacks of envelopes to friends and loved ones who have impacted our life. Even if we haven't met in person, I want you to know how thankful I am for your encouragement here. For your compassion and kindness. You really do bless my life.

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Last night I sat as audience in the living room while the kids put on a "show" for me. The house was a total disaster. The kitchen table hadn't been cleared. We still had homework and reading to do. Three baskets of clothes to fold were sitting dormant in the living room (they've been there all week), but I just wanted to be with my children. In their element. I wanted to laugh when they laughed.

They danced to Carly Rae Jepsen, busted all their best moves, and to my horror, we nearly ended up in the ER when Spencer took a bad fall off the table. Twice. Here's proof (left corner of the frame, behind Ali's big face).

 photo IMG_7754_zps02c08642.jpg

Who lets their kids dance on couch arms and coffee tables? Mmmm... I guess I do. 

Lucky he wasn't hurt.

 photo IMG_7757_zpsf1e58eba.jpg

As I watched them bouncing around, Sami singing her heart out to "Call Me Maybe," Spence making his manly faces, and Eliza twirling her fuscia skirt as fast as she can go (Gordon was content on my lap), I felt the fullness of our life. The joy of being a mother to all these children. 

Love binds us, fixes us, holds us together. 

And that fellow in the green shirt above? The long lost man who sleeps in my bed at night but currently lives all his waking hours at an office? Goodness, we miss him!! I'm not sure I'll ever get used to tax season. 

Hoping he will make it for dinner tonight. The boys are dying to play cars and daddy-monster with him. The girls need his hugs. And I just want to look in his face and remember why we started this whole business. Of love. Because Sami's right, it is worth celebrating.

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Slightly grayer and wrinklier now, but just as devoted, and just as in love. Maybe more so. (Cheesy but I don't have time to figure out how else to say it.)

Love you honey. xo

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Hope you are celebrating too. Happy Valentine's Day friends! 

p.s. family photos taken by the lovely Michelle Lehnardt.


  1. Love your family. Great way to celebrate. We should all dance on the table. Life would be more fun!

  2. I still have the green couch that was sitting in our living room when my husband, playing hide-n-seek with the kids and trying to head back to home "base," took a leaping jump--right in the middle of the couch.
    The springs never recovered.
    It now sits at the end of our bed and holds bedding, unfolded laundry (at times), and memories.
    It's nice to have a husband who will play hide-and-seek with kids (and now grandkids).
    And it's nice to know a mom who lets her kids dance on the sofa.

  3. Such beautiful pictures of your family! So much love radiating from you guys! Thanks so, so much for the card. Your sweet words were a lovely piece of an otherwise rough day. xo

  4. How lovely! We were thrilled to open the mail last week with your picture. :-)

  5. love this post. Especially "cheesy, but I don't have time to figure out how else to say it"

  6. Look at those kids groove! Sassafrass...


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