Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hold On

Been neglecting all sorts of things around the house this week in an effort to get ready for women's conference tomorrow. Doug has been out of town, bedtime has been late, laundry piles are high, dishes have sat overnight, and I forgot to make Eliza's lunch this morning.

The irony of dropping so many balls at home while trying to prepare a talk on motherhood has not eluded me. I am ready to have this over and clear some brain space for things (and little people) that need my attention.

It has, however, been a wonderful journey. I've learned a lot. Especially from Breanne Meline and Michelle Logan, the other two women I am speaking with. 

And it was fun to put this slideshow together. A big thanks to Michelle, who jumped in to save the day when iMovie was giving me fits. It will run a few minutes before the session begins. Nothing showy or picture-perfect. We just wanted it to capture the spontaneous, crazy life of raising young children. As well as the joy, the happiness, and the love.

If you have a few minutes to watch, maybe it will give you the feeling it gives me. One of enormous gratitude that I am a Mother.

The days are flying by too fast. 

"We've got to hold on. Hold on to this love..."


  1. You have been in my heart. How I wish I could be there to listen to you and soak up your spirit. Whatever you say will be perfect. It really will. The Spirit will magnify your words and make them more than enough. You'll be in my prayers. Coming to Utah this summer sometime...I would love to meet if it works out for our schedules. xoxo. Sending love across the miles.

    1. Please let me know when you come to Utah! I'll arrange things so I can see you! xoxo

  2. I second Anne Marie's comment 100% and will send a prayer your way as well. (And admittedly I have felt a little wearied in my mothering of young children this past couple of weeks, and could use the shot in the arm! I'm sure it will be wonderful :-)

    All the best tomorrow, and thank you for the sweet images of motherhood in your video. It really is a wild and precious journey...bless you!

  3. Love it and love you Cath! Best of luck, you will do great.

  4. Wishing Mary and I were there to hear you. I know it will be wonderful. The video was heart-warming. Thanks for sharing it.

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  6. Loved the video! I don't if it's allowed, but I'd also love to read your talk. I was so hoping to make it to the conference but, of course, childcare became my obstacle. Thanks for sharing if you can:)

  7. I love the video - how I wish I could hear you talk xx

  8. Loved the videos. I bet you inspired many people.

  9. You're all so beautiful. Inside and out. Thanks for the well-wishes and kindness. Relieved it's over and I can clean my brain (and my house!) ;)


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