Sunday, June 2, 2013

Count it all Joy

Just returned from a week in St. George. First family trip since Memorial Day a year ago. It was needed, relaxing, and so good to be together. 

Looking back over the month of May, I am surprised at all the joy. At what we found, when we were looking for it. And sometimes when we weren't .

 photo IMG_3257_zps2529de5c.jpg

751. double rainbow fully stretched across the eastern sky

 photo IMG_3247_zps6e5b350c.jpg

752. betsy's dogwood tree - the only one i've seen in utah, virginia memories

 photo IMG_9108_zps060b5516.jpg

753. thing 1 and thing 2, outside exploring before breakfast

 photo IMG_3141_zps40163877.jpg

754. ali, perched barefoot in the crabapple tree 

 photo IMG_3196_zps9027d5b6.jpg

755. eliza reading on the way home from school - we were trying to beat her home from a last minute errand and as we rounded the corner, there she was, shuffling along with her book.

 photo IMG_3304_zps173f3bc7.jpg

756. goosey-goosey gander, where shall i wander... field trip to wheeler farm

 photo IMG_3109_zps2d6f2756.jpg

757. backyard tulip, open wide as a plate

 photo IMG_3076_zps82839e59.jpg

758. a boy and his dog, well... the neighbor's dog (thank goodness for taffy. everyone wants a turn walking her round the block.)

 photo IMG_3094_zps5480a34d.jpg

759. maiden voyage of the running shorts - finally warm enough

 photo IMG_3318_zpsea4ee17c.jpg

760. brides wreath, lilacs, orange poppies, and a pajama'd wanderer in the background

 photo IMG_3192_zps88c7712d.jpg

761. boys' tea party

 photo IMG_3349_zpsba30551d.jpg

762. abandoned sparrow's nest with five tiny eggs - the girls prayed the mommy would return. she didn't. life disappoints us sometimes, presents itself as complex and hard to understand. but,

"The secret to joy is to keep seeking God where we doubt he is..." - Ann Voskamp

Hoping you are well. That you are seeking and counting, wherever you are.


  1. Beautiful, Cath. I have been nudged to get back to my gratitude practice lately, and this might just be the final shove. I'm getting out my gratitude journal now.

  2. Oh, the boys' tea party cracked me up!

  3. Kerri - will your count your second thousand? why not, right? xo

    Chocolate - cracked me up too!


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