Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It is 9PM, a trace of sunlight lingers in the west, and the kids are begging for spider swings. He obliges.

 photo IMG_9448_zpsefd7a7fc.jpg

Ali screams as they tip higher and higher, eyes locked on each other. 

 photo IMG_9466_zpsd4cc9d78.jpg

Eliza asks to be next.

She giggles uncontrollably and Doug knocks his knees goofy, to keep his soles from skidding against the grass.

 photo IMG_9463_zps00a6d97c.jpg

Her giggling escalates as he pumps them closer to the sky.

 photo IMG_9476_zpsd9a3efaa.jpg

I notice the moon, half-lit and barely waking - watching us through the large honey locust. 

 photo IMG_9486_zps8c492e5c.jpg

It's Sami's turn and she smiles enormous. Can't stop smiling.

 photo IMG_9481_zps32bbd118.jpg

They blur past my lens. Her wispy swim-lesson-curls spreading like a halo round her face.

Doug makes silly faces, lets out an occasional laugh, and flexes his arms against the pull of the swing. In a matter of pumps they are soaring. Flying. And it's all for fun. All for the joy of being together.

 photo IMG_9496_zpsd9f7f2ec.jpg

He leans back and points his toes upward, pitching Gordon parallel to the earth. Gordon screams.

 photo IMG_9507_zpse9e1c0c9.jpg

Mint ice cream still on his face, he is all grins as they glide to a stop.

 photo IMG_9510_zpsd2577bb8.jpg

Finally, it's Spencer's turn. He's been so patient lately. Sharing toys, taking turns, making peace, giving his lollipop to Gordon after Gordon threw his on the ground.

He's growing up. They all are. And in moments like this I wish we could stop the clock, hold on tight to now.

 photo IMG_9514_zpsd9826326.jpg

Spencer giggles louder and harder than the rest of them. The look in his eyes says it all.

 photo IMG_9519_zps030040d1.jpg

He wraps his arms around Doug's neck as they rocket back to earth, and I think of the great need my children have to feel the safety and protection of their Daddy.

 photo IMG_9416_zps3a6a54f3.jpg

Doug gives our children things I cannot. He offers them an alternate perspective, a different kind of strength and playfulness, a wisdom and humor I tend to lack. And while I know not all of us have fathers in our homes, or even good men to lighten the load we carry, I have to say thank you this week to all the loving daddies that do care. They fill a crucial need in our society. They bring stability and balance to family settings. They matter so very much.

And where earthly fathers fail, walk out, or turn aside, I believe a Heavenly Father is especially vigilant. Caring for and watching over, working anxiously to fill the void. To offer a more perfect perspective, strength, and love.

 photo IMG_9384_zps652553d4.jpg

Happy Father's Day Doug.

And to my own sweet Daddy, thank you for being there. You still make me laugh and I still need your hugs. I love you.

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  1. I love this! Those pictures of Doug and the kids are awesome! There is no question that they love and feel loved by him!

  2. So much love and joy here! Your little ones are so lucky to have someone who loves them like this. Such beautiful moments captured! These pictures will be gems for you as your little ones continue to grow. I can't believe how much older they all look. Wishing you all the best, friend.

  3. What a cute dad and such beautiful children...and a sweet post Catherine.

  4. Beautiful, Cath. Sharing the existence of good fathers soothes my itchy heart.

  5. Deb - I agree. They never doubt how he feels about them.

    Anne Marie - I know, they're growing too quick. I love hearing from you. How is your summer going? How are your boys??

    Andrea - love you sweet lady.

    Kel - your itchy heart: I think about it every time I write about dads. Or Moms. You're absolutely the best. I love you.


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