Monday, July 22, 2013

A Typo - When Closeness Doesn't Count

So I got an email from a friend who tried to make our granola. She said it didn't turn out as pretty as ours. It didn't look as moist. Did I have any suggestions?

Well... if I had typed the correct temperature in the directions, that would have helped!! 

Gracious me. Bake your granola at 250˚ NOT 350˚! 

 photo IMG_9599_zpsad23dac6.jpg

I am SO sorry. My sincerest apologies to those of you who emailed me and told me you were trying the granola. I have since edited the recipe and added this additional hint: when adding the coconut mixture to the dry ingredients, be sure to stir until the oats no longer look dry.

My Dad always says closeness only counts in horshoes, dancing, and sometimes grenades. Well, he aint just whistlin' Dixie. Closeness doesn't cut it when making granola.

Again, my apologies for any too-crunchy, over-baked granola out there. (Long sigh as I once again embrace imperfection.)

A better post coming soon.



  1. I made this yesterday for our getaway to Park City. I made it with coconut oil instead of canola oil. Sooo good!

    1. Natty - Coconut oil? Brilliant! I looked for it in the grocery store but was unsuccessful. Where have you bought it?


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